Task Force 47 Report – January 2021

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Something something last man standing! Okay, that’s this month’s obligatory opening joke about the report being late, let’s crack on shall we?


Metrics currently stand at the following:

•Number of Active Sims: 8
•Number of Sims in Shakedown: 0
•Number of Players*: 72
•Number of Posts: 240.51
•Number of Posts Per Player*: 3.34
•Open Commands: 8

* Players calculated by active characters on games and some may have been counted twice.

So, this month I’m taking as a win. Our numbers in terms of sims and players have stayed the same, but our posting figures have increased by an average of 1.23 posts per player. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you put that into the perspective of the average posts per player last month being 2.11, that’s a productivity increase of more than 58%, so I’m proud of all of you for contributing to that!

We’ve also started collating the metrics for the TF and sims for the last several months back to September. It is our hope that using this, we’ll be able to better identify what sims need help and what with. Please note, these metrics are how many players per sim and how many posts per sim, as well as growth. We’re not going to start breathing down necks for one bad month but it’s our hope that by keeping this as a running document, refreshing it at a point that is to be determined, we will be able to better serve the TF and her player base.

However, we are aware there are some issues that don’t show in cold hard figures, so as ever, I’d also like to flag that any issues, at any level, please feel free to reach out to either myself of the TFXO. You can email me at [email protected] and Lalor at [email protected] . You can also reach both of us on Discord, we can usually be found hanging out by the coffee machines in the TF47 room or the CO Lounge. In any case, I’ll stop boring you now and move on.


So I’m not going to be giving out a UoM this month. This isn’t due to a lack of quality, as my previous section showed that’s there. It’s simply because I haven’t seen what I’m looking for this month, and the document I mentioned above has helped me with that. However, I will reiterate the well done to everyone on the improvements made. Keep it up.


And that brings this months report to a close. I hope everyone is safe and well, and once again, if there are any problems, feel free to contact myself or Lalor. We want to help you. You can even drop in just to say hi if you want. We’re not totally cray cray.


So, until next month, may Riker’s beard protect you.

    Open Positions

As ever, I’m skipping the open commands. This is very much for the players.

Executive Officer
None in Task Force 47 At This Time.

Chief Flight Control Officer
• USS Archimedes (Nova Class)
• USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)

Chief Strategic Operations Officer
• Starbase 718 (Stardock Class)

Chief Security/Tactical Officer
• USS Archimedes (Nova Class)

Chief Engineering Officer
• USS Imperator (Sovereign Class)
• Starbase 718 (Stardock Class)
• USS Hiroshima (Vesta Class)

Chief Operations Officer
None in Task Force 47 At This Time

Chief Science Officer
•USS Tranquility (Majestic Class)
• USS Hiroshima (Vesta Class)

Chief Medical Officer
• USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)

Chief Counsellor
• USS Imperator (Sovereign Class)
• Starbase 718 (Stardock Class)
• USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)
• USS Hiroshima (Vesta Class)