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Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Chief Counselor – USS Elysium

Gender: Female

Race: Betazoid/Trill(unjoined)

Age: 32

Character Quote: “And so it begins”

Ah, our wonderful Chief Counselor, Alicia came to the USS Elysium when we were in desperate need of a counselor, our counseling staff were overwhelmed. She jumped into our crew and swum rather than sunk. Alicia is a friendly, outgoing young woman, she loves a good laugh and likes to be in the thick of the action when anything is going on. She’s empathic & telepathic like all Betazoids.

Alicia loves children, animals, archaeology and anthropology, old earth music & films plus real books as she prefers the feel of the pages to reading on a PADD. Alicia is also the proud owner of a Bugatti Type 57 C Cabriolet. – She keeps it on Trill, much to the disappointment of some of the male members of the crew.

Bugatti Type 57C

In June 2396 during the time in a mirror universe, Alicia accepted responsibility for the life and welfare of Connor Taylor, the twelve-month-old son of the mirror universe version of herself and Gary Taylor. She also learned that she was three weeks pregnant with the child of her husband Savar.

OOC Wise the player of Alicia has been very active on the game, and has expanded their character’s history and has been awarded many awards by their fellow crew. A player who has been with us over a year, she is now a mainstay among the crew, both senior and junior.