Joint Fleet Command Report – March 2021

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What is this? A report from the JFC?

We are sorry that things have slipped a little bit as we have all been wrapped up in real life. The reports were thought out but the time we got round to writing it out it was the following month already. In our continued effort of turning over a new leaf and trying to be the best we can for our community, we have refocused our efforts on getting back to normal hopefully after some turmoil.

Fleet Council Vacancy

Director of Web Services

Programmer (noun.) – A person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

Do you crave the excitement of well placed code? Are you a natural problem solver that has an aptitude for all things technological? If so, we’re looking for you!

Obsidian Fleet is looking for technologically minded individual to take on the role of Director of Web Services. This job would handle all the day to day functions of maintaining the newly updated IFS-2 platform and developing IFS-3 from the ground up. This individual would be working hand in hand with du Lac and the Fleet Council to develop new web services for the Fleet. If you’ve got the drive to help make Obsidian Fleet a better place one line of code at a time, than this is the job for you!

The Director of Web Services is a voting Fleet Council member. Do you think you have what it takes to handle this role? Sign up today. Email: [email protected]

Khitomer Conference

We wanted to thank everyone that came to the Third Annual Khitomer Conference back in February. The turnout out from the fleet was fantastic, and the discussions were amazing from everyone especially the panels that were created by our members. You can find PDF versions of their panels and all the others on the Khitomer Conference site.


Hawkins (for also being the quiz assistant and keeping score)

Task Force 29

RADM Ford (TF29CO) has resigned his posting as TFCO for 29. We thank him for all the work he put into being a member of the fleet council first as Academy Director and then Task Force CO. He is transitioning into a new role as a Comm’s Champion. JFC or more specifically Sepandiyar will go back to looking after the Task Force with the fleet councils support.

Obsidian Day

With this year being our 20th year of continuous simming and community building this years Obsidian Day will be bigger and better than any other year. Not sure how we can beat last years yet with videos from John de Lancie and Mary Chieffo but watch this space and save the 24th July. If you want to help please reach out to Ehestri.

Until next month everyone. Happy Simming!

Sepandiyar, DuLac & Ehestri