Positives Vibes – March 2021

We have decided to do something more positive that all the things already happening around the fleet from a table top ship to obsidian day planning started. It was a little later than planned but below is our commanding officers own words on how the month of march went for them and their ships.

Cannot wait to see what else is going to happen in April.

Haumea ColonyWe had a mission briefing post that was an insane number of words and flows so beautifully I might submit it for post spotlight.
Obsidian CommandHit 100 posts in a month
SS Fawkes2 new players joining
SS Mary RoseStarted our arc to change to Fenris rangers
USS ArcadiaOver 7 years of running and still killing it. All we care about is enjoyable writing and picking on one another for a good ol’ time.
USS Athena200 posts since ship started
USS AtlantisBest month since we started
USS EagleFinished our first mission arc!
USS ElysiumSent out a survey, and so far the responses have been good, though one, has given me many things to think about and another has given a player the chance to show their creativity.
USS HiroshimaQuite a nice bit of character manipulation and paranoia going on right now IC.
USS LokiAmazing medical post (totalling 5500 words)
USS VestaDe-aging virus plot with both humor and pathos