Captain Lalor – Removed from Command and Arrested?

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It was reported to this reporter that Captain Penelope Phoenix Lalor, captain of the USS Elysium has been removed from command! Yes, dear reader you read that right, removed from command. A new Commanding Officer, one Captain Yasmine Carrington has replaced the unlamented Captain Lalor, and has shaken up the entire command structure of the USS Elysium.

The reason? TREASON! That’s right, Captain Lalor has been charged with Treason. There were lessor charges listed but the main one was Treason.

Captain Yasmine Carrington has replaced Commamnder Gary Taylor with Commamnder Garrett Lovejoy of all people and shunted Commamnder Gary Taylor to the Department of Temporal Investigations. And then, not content with that, Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar has been replaced as second officer by Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi the chief of Operations. Commander Lovejoy has also been tasked with searching out Lalor’s fellow traitors on the Elysium.

This reporter reached out to Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten, the Officer who over-see’s the Elysium’s deployments currently but the only response we got was ‘No Comment’.

The Location of Former Captain Phoenix Lalor has been classified though there were rumours that she has not been sent to New Zealand but to another Black Ops Prison site. we will continue to investigate.


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