Obsidian Day 2021 – Task Force Changes

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Psst I heard a rumour…

Wait you were not there? Why were you not there? We had a great night.

No rumours needed we announced it at Obsidian Day and it was an open discussion in the weeks leading up to it. Some of you might have been around when we had a huge discussion about changes in the fleet and moving forward with opening our community up to non-trek ships. Thank you for the feedback.

The Fleet Council has approved the start of this process under Proposal 2021-006. It is going to take some time but all good things come to those who wait.

This means that we are going to be moving what ships are in 47 currently to 72 and under Minawara and Hawkins’ care. Lancaster is still the TFCO of 47 which going forward will be non-trek and opening up for non-trek ships in due course. And finally, Lalor will become TFXO over in 29 where she had been looking after and pulling double duty alongside TF47 recently anyway. This is a logical step reflecting her hard work.

So watch this space folks.