Task Force 47 Report – July 2021

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Wait… Where’d all the ships go? I could’ve sworn they were here last night… What was in that last pitcher?

Kidding aside, this month’s TF report is less of a report more of a “this is what’s going on” and to be fair, most of it has already been covered off. As you all know, the structure of the Fleet is undergoing some reworks to accommodate the inclusion of non-Trek sims in Task Force 47 (I’m calling it “super awesome mega task force 47” but that is by no means an official designation and is instead just me being my typical juvenile self), with all 24th Century Prime Trek sims going to Task Force 72. For that reason, I’ve transferred all Admiralty level command codes over to my counterpart over there and, well, 47 is looking pretty bare. Still, great acoustics when I want to practice my bongos.

So what does this mean? Well, it means we’re working out the rules and other such logistics for when the new stuff starts flowing in, and it will be sooner rather than later. What that does mean, however, is my reports will look a little different for a little while.

Which is great, the other format isn’t the most exciting to read or write! So, yeah, that covers it all off. I’ll see you next month, probably, and until then, may Riker’s beard protect you all.