Obsidian Day 2021 – New Awards

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Another announcement… Ehestri really?

The final one I swear we are a week on and everyone is fully caught up.

You might have noticed we did not really announce much or shake things up other than the Task Force 47 change which was already well known to the fleet before that anyway. With the changes of JFC last year and our ongoing commitment of not being just the people who come down from our tower when things go wrong, we have decided to create some awards that have to be decided by the three of us to get us unlike the past looking at stuff and not just relying on TFCO’s or rumour mills.

Best Website

A website with the best use of imagery on the majority of pages that is unique from the base Nova skin.

Wikipedia Award

Best use of a wiki or other systems to give ships information over.

Phoenix Award

Awarded to a ship that has tackled adversity and come out the other end that has not been or cannot be awarded Unit of Merit.

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a ship that is less than six months old but is showing promise that has been noticed by JFC.

JFC Recognition Award

Awarded to person or ship that has gone above and beyond for fleet whether it is supporting another member, supporting a project or truly just supporting the fleet as a cheerleader.

All these awards have to be awarded once a year but no more than once a quarter.