Task Force 72 | July 2021 Report

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While my counterpart may have beat me to the punch with his report, it is purely because I had 0 contact with the outside world, and also he had less to say. That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Besides, I have all the ships now! Which reminds me…

Welcome to the new ships from Task Force 47. We are excited to have you all here, and to be here to support you if you need it. Also, a reminder to all the new Captains, we maintain our own Task Force Nova page for the purposes of cross-posting if you want. You can find it here: http://roguegaming.net/taskforce72. Feel free to sign up and join in on the chaos. To everyone else, make them feel welcome, show them where the beer is. No, not the stuff in the mini fridge, that’s for Sepandiyar, the fridge in the garage. There you go. 

Over the coming weeks Hawkins and I will likely be reaching out to get to know you a little better, and know what you are looking to get out of your sim. We’ll probably go over some of your previous month’s numbers, and see if we can’t make heads or tails of all the things. The transition can be hard, so we want to make it as smooth as we can. 

Now on to the numbers. 

Arrivals and Departures

Three new ships from Task Force 47 as part of the shuffle.   

  • USS Apollo
  • USS Hiroshima
  • USS Imperator/ USS Hood

With the transition to the new Task Force, and with the release of the new Inquiry-class, the USS Imperator will be switching to the USS Hood, the first Inquiry-class in Fleet. This will be finalized in the coming days, so keep an eye out for her new registry and banner image. 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 10

Open Commands: N/A

RIO: 0

Total Posts (SPM): 145.9

Average Posts per Player: 2.36

72nd Recruiting Listing

U.S.S. Athena

(Prometheus Class)

  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Medical Officer

 U.S.S. Eagle

(Saber Class)

  • Not Currently Recruiting

Haumea Colony

(Colony Class Base)

  • Chief Security Officer 
  • Chief Medical Officer 
  • Chief Operations Officer 
  • Chief Tactical Officer 
  • Chief of Flight Operations

U.S.S. Mercutio

(Akira Class)

  • Chief Engineer Officer
  • Chief of Operations
  • Chief Helms Officer
  • Assistant Department Heads

U.S.S. Nightingale

(Olympic Class)

–          Not Currently Recruiting

U.S.S. Arcadia

(Odyssey class)

  • Chief Engineer Officer

U.S.S. Vesta

(Vesta Class)

  • Chief Tactical/Security Officer
  • Head of Security*
  • Head of Tactical*
  • All Assistant Department Heads
        *Reports to the Chief Tactical/Security Officer


If there is a ship not listed that you might be interested in, do not hesitate to reach out, I will happily look into it for you. 


No promotions at this time. 

Unit of Merit

I had originally planned not to do a UoM this month, what with the shakeup and getting to know the players a little better. However, I would be remiss if I failed to recognize the stellar performance of one of our crews. With nearly 6 posts per player, I have to give this month’s Unit of Merit to the USS Athena. 

Many of you will be familiar with the Athena in these awards, and that is for a good reason. Paul and his crew continue to be an incredibly active community, while developing some of the most well rounded stories in the Fleet. Not only that, but through it all, Paul remains a pillar of the fleet, and a bastion of representation when it comes to this community. How he finds the time, I’ll never know. 

Please join me in giving Paul and the crew of the Athena a round of applause. 


Some of you missed a chance to get your vacant position notes into Hawkins, we’ll make sure to get you next month. I am very excited to be working with some new faces, and some that are already familiar with me from before. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to try and make things work! 

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Captain Hawkins, he can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.