Task Force 47 Report – June 2021

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What? WHAT?! What…

Yes, that’s right, I have a report in this month and decided to open with a Doctor Who themed joke, blatantly ripping off the best Doctor. And yes, the thing I’m surprised at is that I’m actually writing this thing. Yes, this month, I am my big joke!

Anyway, summary time!


Metrics currently stand at the following:

•Number of Active Sims: 4
•Number of Sims in Shakedown: 0
•Number of Players*: 38
•Number of Posts: 407.18
•Number of Posts Per Player*: 11.1
•Open Commands: 12

* Players calculated by active characters on games and some may have been counted twice.

So, first, the obvious, we’re a few sims down since I last posted one of these reports. Honestly, these were sadly unavoidable instances, we do wish everyone of those games and their players well. However, what we have is some monumentally talented writers who I know can and will deliver the goods moving forward. I’m proud of everyone in this TF and that will never change.

However, we are aware there are times where things get tough, so as ever, I’d also like to flag that any issues, at any level, please feel free to reach out to either myself of the TFXO. You can email me at [email protected] and Lalor at [email protected] . You can also reach both of us on Discord, we can usually be found hanging out by the beer fridge in the TF47 room or the CO Lounge. In any case, I’ll stop boring you now and move on.


Okay, so I actually have an award nomination. I know, weird right? In this case, I’ve elected to nominate the Elysium for the UoM for June for multiple reasons. First off, they consistently pull out a crazy number of posts per player (counting specifically the players not on LOA this month, they had a post count of 22.42 posts per player for June, which is mental) and not only that, those posts are invariably of a high standard. On top of this, the CO managed to pull that out of her crew while picking up after this slacker here while he’s been indisposed, so to say this is deserved is a hell of an understatement, well done!


And that brings this month’s report to a close. I hope everyone is safe and well, and once again, if there are any problems, feel free to contact myself or Lalor. We want to help you. You can even drop in just to say hi if you want. We’re not totally insane you know…


So, until next month, may Riker’s beard protect you.

Oh, and PS. To all my fellow English people…. It’s coming home xD