Alliance News Service Bulletin: Attack On Mirinoi

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Welcome to the November 14th afternoon broadcast on the Alliance News Service. This is Kelsey Anders, and here are today’s hottest stories.

Popular singer Valdana Raadax arrived on Earth today ahead of her concert which is due to tour the planet over the next few weeks, starting with a charity show at the GPF base in Angel Grove in North America. We reached out for comment on the concert and tour, but were unable to get a comment.

In other news, the leader of the Cult of Zedd, known only as the Arbiter, today addressed the Alliance council. He assured them the Cult have nothing to do with recent rising tensions with the Kaldore Imperium and the Alliance. This address comes after claims that the Cult have been supplying weapons and equipment to the Imperium. Investigations are ongoing, and the Arbiter has assured the Alliance council and GPF that he will cooperate fully with any inquiries into the matter going forward. More as the story develops.

I’m sorry, I’m receiving a report. Apparently, an archaeological site on the planet Mirinoi that was being overseen by GPF officers has come under attack by Kaldore Imperium forces, led by what appears to be an enhanced individual. For those unaware, the Imperium has long been at loggerheads with the Alliance due to it’s continued use of genetic and mechanical enhancements on it’s soldiers, some rumours even indicating said enhancements are being inflicted upon the soldiers in question without consent.

Reports at this time on the exact events of this attack are sketchy, however early reports suggest the Red and Pink Power Rangers have been spotted at the site of the attack, with a new, previously unseen Blue Ranger. Wait, I’m getting additional information.

Reports confirm the presence of the Power Rangers at the site, and confirm they have successfully stopped the attack. Preliminary reports suggest a high level of casualties on both sides, with the Power Rangers administering lethal force against the attackers. While some might say they did what was necessary, this reporter has to question if their actions today were proportional in their response. Current figures place very skewed emphasis towards Imperium casualties in the battle. This begs the question of if the Rangers are proving why the GPF shut down SPD’s Ranger Program upon their reformation in 2030 was a necessary step in maintaining the peace.

Wait, I’m receiving another report. Angel Grove has come under attack by Imperium forces. Leading the charge is… Wait, let me confirm that. Yes. Leading the charge is what appears to be the Red Power Ranger. We currently don’t know how he was able to travel from Mirinoi to Earth so quickly, or why his position in terms of which side he supports has shifted so suddenly, but reports indicate that he and a woman are leading the attack and they are not taking prisoners. Their motivations are currently unknown in this conflict, and the GPF will not issue an official statement on what the cause of their conflict with the Imperium is, nor why they rapidly appear to be dragging the Alliance into a war.

If you wish to know more, please visit this link. More information will be added as the story unfolds. Until then, I’m Kelsey Anders for the Alliance News Service and everyone, please, stay in your homes and stay safe.