Communication Report July 2022

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Been a long time since I’ve done a report as been so busy doing other things. But this report is one big catch up for the last month and mostly images for well deserved award images.

Obsidian Day 2022

JFC Awards

Award Nominee

Golden PADD

The USS Potemkin has creativity on demand! The sim churns out new and interesting missions very often, just by the nature of live playing-by-voice, where every sitting takes the crew though a new set of scenes. In the past twelve months such a broad variety of missions have been taken it would take too many words to catalog them for this nomination! Tuning in to the post-produced podcast recording is like connecting with friends, each player and character carrying their own unique perspectives and personalities and reacting live-time to the scenes as they unfold. They lean into one another’s strengths and build on their unique quirks as they collaborate to invent new ways to get around the GM’s inventive machinations.

This post is the introduction to our newest mission where the crew of the lost in space NX class ship meet a telepathic creature who infiltrates the ship. It is dark and creepy as the crew on the away succumb to the telepathy one by one and believe the alien is a crew member despite all the warning signs around them. It sums up what you can do outside of the norm ‘ship mission’ and with a concept that is not normally played out within trek missions.

Polar’s writing is very genre driven. He has a pulse on the western, crime, action, mystery and much more; where they intersect he naturally finds the joins. It’s obvious from his posts that he has a genuine delight in his storytelling and it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that he crafts them in the playground of his mind’s eye while pulling from a deep well of media influences that make up his library of story reference. Polar’s PC, Steiner, is a character with a unique fit, serving in cooperation with the Marshal’s Service while his past follows him. The writer also brings refugees to living color and builds on the lore of Planet Obsidian, the namesake of the Fleet, treating us to a ride-along with a clever merchant negotiating with the locals. All of his posts feature strong detail and voice and are fun reading!

Unit of Merit

Big thanks to Hawkin’s for producing these.

USS Potemkin (June 2022)
USS Athena (July 2022)
SS Mary Rose (May 2022)
Solar Force (June 2022)

ISS Vengeance (July 2022)

Fleet Wide Election Event

The lore department has teamed up with Comms to bring us the first event like this the fleet has seen.

It is an election year and campaigns are kicking off. Since a few people had expressed interest in taking part, there is now a UFP Government simm page where you can create a candidate. There’s even one in there as an example: our current UFP President who is running for a second term.

If you are interested reach out to Cam on discord.

Since the OF site simm template is locked down we couldn’t change the titles on the character templates, so for ‘Pre-Service Biography’ enter a candidate bio (you can make it the press release kind or something as detailed as you wish) and under ‘Starfleet Service History’ please give a party and talking points/campaign slogans and/or promises.

Social Media

If you did not know we also have the following social media that we manage. This month we have added Instagram. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players. If anyone has anything they want to add to social media let us know.

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We are looking for people to talk to on our podcast or suggest content. If you have a passion for a subject reach out and talk to us. We have had lots of suggestions from the communication team so watch this space. 

First Episode – Minaware and Ehestri
Second Episode – Ehestri and Lalor
Third Episode – Ehestri and Hawkins
Fourth Episode – Anodyne Productions

News Items

We need everyone – players and COs alike – to submit news stories. These could be anything from an awesome mission on your sim to a great post you want to see everyone talking about. Commanding Officers please remember we have sim, post, character and mission spotlight to shout out to everyone how awesome you guys are. It also doesn’t take long to get them approved either just need to summon any member of the fleet council on discord in IFS2help.

If you need assistance please contact me.

Final thoughts….

We are still looking for volunteers for the comms team. If you think you have an idea or something that you want to share with our community reach out to me or one of the comms team.

If you need anything to support yourself and your ships or you just have a fantastic idea and have no idea where to send please reach out. We want to help and hear from you, especially with all the exciting things being planned for our future.

No inspiration quote this month – you do not need it. Stay inspirational Obsidian Fleet