Character Spotlight – DeHavilland

Written ByCalliope
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Captain Corvus Amélie DeHavilland
Commanding Officer, Obsidian Command

Raised by Starfleet Scientists and branching off into her own interest to become an accomplished pilot and officer, Corvus Amélie DeHavilland anticipated getting her own command one day but as a flygirl, certainly never expected it to be a stationary assignment, much less the Stardock, Obsidian Command. Success has caused her more than her share of stress, as some of her best intentions, both personal and professional, have backfired on her. It doesn’t help that all her work is under the direct scrutiny of the Admirals circling the fleet’s key post…

Need to Know DeHavilland knows she’s in the dark and crosses some lines of protocol to uncover the situation.
Wiser Words Pushing beyond her own comfort zone, DeHavilland shares her own past experience in order to help a junior officer make good choices
Security Detail It’s tough having a shadow you can’t shake, so compromises must be made.