Task Force 29 | August 2022 Report

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So in the blink of an eye, August has come and gone and for those in the northern Hemisphere I am sure pumpkin spiced Latte’s and such are commencing. But here in the southern hemisphere, Spring is springing and with it, hayfever *ARCHHOO!* Ah that could be the fact that no one has dusted in here in years…Oh and yes i know this month I am last to put my report in, after all, I have to give my fellow TFCO’s a chance to win once in a while right?

Anyway, on to our Monthly report. This month saw the departure of our Starbase SB-812 from our fleet. The CO has gone on hiatus and we wish them and their crew well.

  • Number of Active Sims:  4
  • Number of sims in Shakedown: 0
  • Number of players: 41
  • Number of posts: 575.58
  • Number of posts per player*: 14.03
  • Open Commands: Infinite

Infinite Open Commands?… Why you may ask? Because TF29, is where the magic happens!

This Task Force is so amazing it spans the corners of all Space & Time. Task Force 29 is home to the simulations that do not fit conventional Task Forces, from simulations in alternative universes, timestreams that deviate from the Prime or those who are just too unique to be under a standard group. We are proud of our simulations, striving to tell the stories that others have not, to go to the corners of Star Trek that remain dark and mysterious, to explore cultures rich and foreign to really bring to life the dream of Gene Roddenberry.

Your Brand new game could span Different Times, Different Worlds, Different Universes! The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in a command here email: [email protected] or message me on discord! I so want to help those CO’s who wish to join this TF, we are a warm and fun loving group, and cannot wait to have more friends to work with!

Yeah oh word to the wise, stay out of Elysium’s science lab… we still have no explanation for the black hole there!

USS Elysium

  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer – Our CMO maybe a Gorn but he has manners!
  • Assistant Chief of Flight Control

NX-05 Atlantis

Not Actively Recuriting at this time

USS Potemkin

  • Lower Decks Crew for the ‘Nights Watch’

ISS Vengeance

  • Assistant Chief Spots – for those who wish to knife their superiors in the back 🙂

No UoM this month as we are all moving wonderfully along and let me tell you, some of the storylines that are coming out of our games are just great reading!

This month, I have chosen: Captain Bethsabée Leroux – Captain of the NX-05 ATLANTIS space vessel.

Her captaincy of the Atlantis commenced in 2155, and she is now stranded far from home with her ship and crew, and facing more unknown dangers than any enterprise vessel in their 5 year missions ever has. As Captain she has had to put her own fears to one side and lead by example when we all would want to curl into a ball and cry.

Captains in her era set the example for those in the more modern years like 2371 and 2391. Being a true pioneering Captain in every sense is what sets Bethsabee apart from those captains who came before and those who will come after her!

So that’s August for everyone! Let it be known that I take bribes in the form of Chocolate, and signed photographs of the following – Captain Pike (SNW – as he was the ONLY good thing to come out of Discovery), Thor, Loki, Iron Man and the JJ Verse Doctor McCoy.