Task Force 47 Report | September – November

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My word… it’s been a couple months. Been running behind with all the chaos of newborn and more training. So I do apologize to you all for the ELOA. That being said, Hello all! We have had a very slow couple months. But still going. Solar Force is going on strong and Stargate Command is the one struggling, but we will get her going well.

But for the big announcements to share are our new additions to the 47’s are our two new Simulations. The arrival of our new general manager Claire Cavendish. She (he) is returning to our fleet with a great new Simulation specifically for this group called X-Men: Avalon. Recruitment is open for them and already starting off real quick and we are super excited to see what great stories are coming out of them. But also keep in mind, they are rated 18+, primarily for violence so keep this in mind. Welcome them aboard and keep an eye on them for sure.

Next, we have our group joint Simulation to unify our SIMs in what we are calling THE TRAVELLER’S REST or “The Knot”. “At the convergence of everywhere and nowhere lies The Knot. Inside The Knot lies chaos – at least to an untrained eye. From across the known multiverse, things just “appear”. Nobody knows how, nobody knows why, things weren’t in The Knot, now they are.” Hopefully we get some great stories going there. We are looking forward to seeing how this goes. This sim will not be considered a full on SIM per say as we are working out the bits but if we see possibilities for future stories to run on its own, we will make sure to announce it.

Here are the following sim ideas for possible GMs and crews:

  • Star Wars: Among the Shadows
  • Starship Trooper: New Tides
  • Stargate Worlds: Memphis Island
  • The Jackdaw:  (an Orville SIM)

Each of these are just ideas But we are open for further ideas. So keep throwing out ideas as we are always up for new and exciting Sims!

Arrivals, Changes and Departures

New Simulation: X-Men: Avalon

New GM: Claire Cavendish

New Simulation: The Traveller’s Rest (TF 47’s Specialized Group Sim)


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 3

Open Commands: 4

RIO: 0

47th Recruiting Listing

Solar Force

(Power Ranger Simulation)

  • Not Actively Recruiting

Stargate Command

(Stargate Simulation)


(X-Men Simulation)

Star Wars: Among the Shadows

(Star Wars Simulation)

  • Open Enrollment

Starship Trooper: New Tides

(Starship Troopers  Simulation)

  • Administrator (Commanding Officer)

Stargate Worlds: Memphis Island

(Stargate Simulation)

  • Administrator (Base Commander/Leader)

The Jackdaw

(The Orville Simulation)

  • Administrator (Commanding Officer)


These are 


No pending promotions this month. 

Unit of Merit

For the past couple months, Sims have been a little slower due to the holiday season and everyone’s lives. But I’m going to give it a quick shout out to the successful Solar Force under the leadership of Ben aka Red Ranger Damien McGinnis. Yes I know it was the only SIM, besides the SGC, in 47 but it’s really hard to keep a non-trek going and the group keeps on going. SO thank you once again and keep up the hard work!


The holiday season is among us and so we have a lot of LOAs and ELOAs but nonetheless, we keep on plugging along. That being said, we are looking to re energize and start 2023 with some strong and great storytelling among the 47th and the fleet. Keep it up!

Should anyone have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected] or on Discord. Thank you, and get back to simming!