New Game Alert! New Game Alert! New Game Alert!

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Greetings dear reader!

I hope your December’s not as cold or strikey as mine (I’m supposed to be at a work’s Christmas party but train strikes say no). I come bearing good news!

We’re launching not one new game today.

We’re not even lanching two new games today (though that’d be cool)

We’re launching THREE new games today!

First up in TF72, we have the USS Gwydion. Our first Reliant Class Starship is off to explore the bit of the Federation around the Gorn Empire, on a slightly different expedition from the usual TF72 zone up north but one Admiral Minawara felt might be a good laugh.

Next up! In TF47 comes X-Men: Avalon. Our first Marvel Universe game will see the X-Men family doing some wonderfully comic book hero stuff in the imitable style of the mutants. It’s also got a 3 rating for violence so be warned, might not be for the squeamish amongst you.

Lastly, but by no means least. Also in TF47, from the warped mind of du Lac, comes The Traveller’s Rest. Hosted entirely within IFS3, this game will explore the wonderful realm contained within a topological error in the space-time continuum and also answer the big questions in life like “what happens when a bloke from Northampton falls out of space-time and decides to run a pub?”.

Joining details for the three will be announced shortly!