2022 End Of Year Nominations – Game Masters

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Henry Crow – USS Mercutio

  • As GMs go he is highly communicative. Stays in touch with the crew a makes sure that all is well. This is for both sim related and real life related goings on. This all seems pretty standard for GMs. Captain Crow made sure to keep his sim alive. The Mercutio had been close to closing its doors and he managed to steer the ship and bring it back from the brink. This happened when the sim converted from Nova to a live sim via Discord.   It takes a special person to keep a sim running, to bring it back especially when it seems that people have lost interest. Henry Crow is such a special person. In addition to all of this the stories that he tells and the plots that are developed are top notch. I hope that you recognize someone who takes the extra time to keep a sim going.

Reuben Gregnol – SS Mary Rose

  • The Mary Rose is a very small family of writers and Becca has a leadership style that values all contributions. She brings that same style to her efforts on the Atlantis, and the fact that she’s able to juggle two sims at all is mind-blowing. Her mission designs are cohesive without being restrictive and she has a general enthusiasm for most shenanigans that creates a very calm and productive creative space. Her slew of characters is used to generate activity across the entire crew and her frequent updates (read: complaining) about the weather ensure that none of us lose touch with reality. The really, really hot; no wait, cold reality. (Perhaps she can use the prize money, (there’s prize money, right?), to finally buy an Oodie!) I have felt very supported and valued under Becca’s watch. She’s a good egg.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a sim that gives such freedom to write whatever the hell I want as Rosie does. I’m sure I’ll make her blush when I laud Becca’s achievement in keeping her going – we’ve had a really tough year for little dramas, both in-character and out. But Rosie is a place I consistently enjoy writing, with a variety of characters and stories that are just so damn fun to play with. Becca deserves so much recognition for making Rosie such a great environment and sandbox for me to fool around in. She’ll tell you it’s a team effort – but take nothing away from the Boss Lady who steers the ship. “

Jacob Kane – USS Athena

  • I admire Paul’s desire to tell rich and intricate stories that focus on interesting plots. He is approachable, loves to plot ideas and constantly strives to ensure that everyone on the Athena has things to write that excite and interest them. He is also a pretty good voice of reason and juggles multiple creative demands with good humour. He likes redheads. To be honest, that was probably enough to get me vote without all the rest.
  • This man has nerves of steel, actually he might be made of steel. He never wavers, never questions, just gets on with the job and always does it in style. Even has time for one night stands with Cardassian officials too.
  • It is almost an axiom for anyone who is part of the Athena, that any nomination in support of Paul would be in itself a disservice. One simply cannot convey everything which makes him, by far, the most proficient, welcoming, warm and supportive GM without leaving so much out. Paul has the most dynamic storylines, full of knowledge and evident passion for writing and creating; and I say dynamic because he actively encourages autonomy and freedom in writing; characters can morph stories and evolve them organically, and we have so much fun in only having the vaguest ideas where we will end up. Rarely however freedom can lead to confusion, and Paul is the first to proactively step in and help guide people back, giving clear tangible opportunities to remain included. In 20+ years I have never been in a happier RPG, with a true group of pocket friends collaborating in a beautiful creative space carved out by Paul.
  • Paul goes above and beyond in leading the Athena.  He fosters mission ideas with plenty of flexibility for each member to contribute their own ideas and grow their characters while advancing the story line in an interesting and creative way.  He involves everyone and has cultivated a real community of writers that are energized and fun to write with.  I’ve never RP’d before joining the Athena, but now I love that it and thats in part due to Paul making missions interesting, answering a million questions I’ve thrown his way and creating such a fun space to write in!

Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium

  • Jill that is as Commodore Phoenix Lalor of the USS Elysium, is the consummate game master. She plans and coordinates missions. She not only asks for outside ideas and suggestions but actually listens and in some cases uses them. She is constantly striving to make the sim better for all players as she wants everyone to be involved in the sim and the story it is telling.

  • Jillian has built an inclusive, exciting, creative environment where everyone can feel free to participate and create and tell their story.  And the game has many players that have been there for years.

  • She has consistently provided engrossing and highly entertaining missions for the Sim.  Both of her own creation and of her crew, of which she fosters their creativity  expertly.