BREAKING: Explosion at Starfleet Headquarters – Starfleet Captain Arrested

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Tragedy struck at Starfleet Headquarters today as a cadet graduation ceremony was rocked by an explosion that left dozens dead and wounded.

During the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2397, where prospective Federation Council candidate Marcus Blake was due to give a speech, an explosive device was detonated on the stage that killed several high-ranking officials. Among them, Admiral Nerak, formerly of the Romulan Star Empire, widely expected to be the first Romulan to be elected to Federation office.

Representative Blake, a former school teacher and outside candidate for election, remains in a medically-induced coma, with questions remaining as to his long-term recovery.

While Obsidian Fleet’s Admiral Yoshi Minawara has attempted to deflect questions regarding the cause of the explosion, reports are widely circulating that Captain Jacob Kane, Captain of the USS Athena, was not only present at the ceremony but was seen being arrested by security personnel. The Captain has been pinpointed by several sources as the primary suspect in the bombing, with some citing personal grudges over recent Starfleet policy changes, as well as a personal vendetta against Admiral Nerak.

We’ll keep you informed as updates reach us on this breaking news.