Task Force 29 – March 2023 Monthly Report

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Green Alert

We have news!

Welcome to the USS Harbinger! The newest member of TF 29!

USS Harbinger is set in 2788 and is looking for crew! Check out their site and chat with the CO!


Open Games: – TF29 has as many open games as you have ideas!

  • Number of Active Games:  3
  • Number of games in Shakedown: 1
  • Number of players: 34
  • Number of posts: 243.73
  • Voice hours: 13.33
  • Number of posts per player*:7.16

Infinite Open Commands?… Why you may ask? Because TF29, is where the magic happens!

This Task Force is so amazing it spans the corners of all Space & Time. Task Force 29 is home to the games that do not fit in Task Force 72 (our Prime TF), from games in alternative universes, timestreams that deviate from the Prime or those who are just too unique to be under a standard group. We are proud of our games, striving to tell the stories that others have not, to go to the corners of Star Trek that remain dark and mysterious, to explore cultures rich and foreign to really bring to life the dream of Gene Roddenberry.

Your Brand new game could span Different Times, Different Worlds, Different Universes! The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in a command here email: [email protected] or message me on discord! I so want to help those CO’s who wish to join this TF, we are a warm and fun loving group


USS Harbinger

  • All Positions Open! Actively Recruiting!

USS Elysium

  • Not Actively Recruiting at this time

NX-05 Atlantis

  • Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Chief of Flight Control

USS Potemkin

  • Not Actively Recruiting at this time

So that’s March 2023 for everyone! Let it be known that I take bribes in the form of Chocolate, and signed photographs of the following – Captain Pike (SNW – as he was the ONLY good thing to come out of Discovery), Thor, Loki, Iron Man and the JJ Verse Doctor McCoy.