Task Force 72 | March 2023 Report

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This month saw 406~ posts written in Task Force 72, 201 of those composed by a single sim. It has been an absolutely stellar month for the Task Force, with almost every single sim being over 2 posts per player (which for future reference is what I often refer to as “being in the green”.) 406 amazing posts, which is roughly 203,000 works, or an average of 2.2 novels written by this amazing group of people this Month. That is enough to make Stephen King look a little slow in his writing. 

For all of the above, I wanted to say a huge congratulations to everyone who came together to make those posts happen. Without all of you, none of this would happen. Now, onto the hard numbers.

Arrivals, Changes and Departures

No new sims at this time. 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 9

Open Commands: Yes

RIO: 0

72nd Recruiting Listing

U.S.S. Vesta

(Vesta Class)

  • Not Actively Recruiting 

U.S.S. Athena

(Prometheus Class)

  • Not Actively Recruiting 

U.S.S. Mercutio

(Akira Class)

  • Chief Diplomatic Officer 
  • Chief Operations Officer 

U.S.S. Gladiator

(Sovereign class)

  • Chief Counselor
  • Group Starfighter Commander

USS Gwydion

(Reliant Class)

  • None at this time.

Haumea Colony

(Colony Class)

  • Chief Security Officer

U.S.S. Hiroshima

(Vesta Class)

  • Hair Stylists

Obsidian Command

(Stardock Starbase) 

  • Not Actively Recruiting 

S.S. Mary Rose

(Constitution Refit)

  • Armoury Chief 
  • Fenris Ranger Liaison

Task Force 72

(Command Positions)

If you are actively seeking a Command Opportunity, please reach out! I would love to help you find your dream ship. 


If there is a ship not listed that you might be interested in, do not hesitate to reach out, I will happily look into it for you. 


After last month’s excitement, there are no promotions this month. 


Obsidian Command

Bronze Star

Brek – Proprietor of “Timeless Treasures Art Gallery” 

From the CO:

Spiral is a wonderful addition to our sim and our community! She has a special penchant for writing Ferengi, whom she enjoys because of their foibles and all of the chances their particular take on the world allows for as they struggle towards gaining their fortunes. But it is us, the readers and her friends, who are made richest as she shares the story of her character, Brek, both past and present. Spiral is also very special to us because she is a good sim reader and takes the time to comment and award others for their posts too, building up everyone around her.

It is hard to write a Ferengi. It is hard to write a Ferengi that doesn’t devolve into stereotypes and bad allegories. It’s why we all loved Quark so much, he showed a perfect reflection of a business owner that came to be just a little more human. In the same way I loved Quark, I am coming to love Brek. I don’t have 7 seasons of Brek breaking the mold, but I do have 26 posts (24 of which I need to finish reading) that showcase why Brek is an amazing character you’re going to love. Very deserving of this Bronze Star.  

Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner

From the CO:

Polar is a sim engine- driving us forward by always taking the ball and powering ahead! But he doesn’t just rocket through the storytelling- he writes with incredible clarity and detail, putting flesh on the bones provided to brilliant levels, amounting to solid worldbuilding that is going to last for years to come in the game play, providing setting and lore, and future plot potential. He’s attentive to what is going on with all the other writers and the first to jump in when invited to the threads of other players, or when he sees a need to help someone pick up and write too.

I’ve taken the time to read through some of the posts written by Polar as Steiner. Let me tell you, it was some of the most fun and in depth writing I have had the chance to read. I would happily watch a cop drama following the lift of Steiner. I’ll definitely be checking in for more of these wonderful writings. And I am happy to award the Bronze Star to Polar and his amazing character Ridge Steiner.  

Lieutenant Commander Maurice Rubens

From the CO:

David has come into Obsidian Command with a level of abandon! He’s leveraging his strengths in his appreciation for history and culture, and bringing that love to the fictional surroundings on OC. He’s also reaching out and writing with others, developing multiple story threads and a diversity of characters with a variety of histories. He’s turned a blank card of an alien race into a master work of convincing setting, history, and culture, using only some brief notes from the GM’s plot requirements and the creative description of the race’s anatomy and fashion given by the doctor. From there he built up a very immersive world and is walking everyone through it and sending a delegation to the station. This mission and our sim would not be the same without his masterful contribution and the pleasure he is to work and interact with.

Diplomatic officers are hard. To show them as loafing bureaucrats or borderline incompetent intelligence officers that became Diplomatic in nature is easy. To write a character so flawlessly in their element while in one of the hardest departments to write for is wonderful! The finest details of world building baked into the writing is hard to miss, but so seamless as to avoid being the sole point. No exposition dumps, no long winded reports, but an excellent combination of storytelling and excitement. Much like the good Chief Deputy Marshal, I want a story of the way that Maurice Rubens explores and adventures through the Star Trek universe adapted to television. But only if David agrees to write it. For amazing story telling, a stunning display of character development, and the best name a man could ask for, I happily grand this Bronze Star. 


What a wonderful month we had! If you all keep the pace, then April promises to be even more exciting than March was. Commanding Officers if you have recommendations for awards, please forward them to me. With a 3 month old and 2 novels worth of excellent story telling, the smaller details get missed. I would love for you to highlight your amazing people.

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Captain Kane, he can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.