Communication Report – May 2023

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Where have I been? Around doing lots of things as you will see below . 


‘Obsidian Day’ will be announced later in the week. It is going to be a lot different this year so watch this space for those announcements. Comms will be running the usual Obsidian Day awards so please get your awards lined up to send in. 


You may have seen on our discord sever that we have a new bot called Polaris and we have a channel that now has a leaderboard. The more you chat in the general channels the more XP you get. Please try not to spam the channels just to build your level up as any cheating will result in points being deducted to keep it fair. There will be a competition and events where you can earn more XP’s. 

So watch this space. 


If you did not know we also have the following social medias that we manage. This month we have added Instagram. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players. If anyone has anything they want to add to social media let us know.

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We are looking for people to talk to on our podcast or suggest content. If you have a passion for a subject reach out and speak to us but we have had suggestions that we would love to have people appear for.

Signup sheet

Fleetcast – Episode Five – Power Rangers Once and Always

Fleet Cast Discussions – Episode Six – Paul


We need everyone – players and COs alike – to submit news stories. These could be anything from an extraordinary mission on your sim to a great post you want to see everyone talking about. Game Masters, please remember we have sim, post, character and mission spotlights to shout out to everyone about how awesome you guys are as well as a new news item for purely Opinion/Editorial.

It also doesn’t take long to get them approved either just need to summon any member of the fleet council on Discord in IFS3 for help.

If you need assistance please contact me.


It’s been a couple of months of changes but they are all positive around the fleet and after a successful khitomer conference it is hard to deny that things are moving forward again.

Also do not forget you can vote for group-level awards.