‘Obsidian Day’ 2023

Written ByEhestri
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As I have been hinting Obsidian Day is going to be a little different this year but up until now, we have not revealed what is going to be different. Instead of us doing one day this year we are going to be focusing on a WEEK!!

The main events will happen over two weekends – the 29th / 30th of July and the 5th / 6th of August. There will be events and blog posts throughout the week as well as a few game nights lined up. 

Sat 29th July8 PM3 PMAIIIII: RPG’s in the AI eraDu Lac
Sat 29th July9 PM4 PMOPEN
Sun 30th July4 PM11 AMVoice:: All the new starshipsMinawara
Sun 30th July5 PM12 PMOPEN
Sat 5th August8 PM3 PMTBCCam
Sat 5th August9 PM4 PMVoice:: An invitation to share memories of OF over the yearsEhestri
Sun 6th August8 PM3 PMObsidian Day AwardsEhestri
Sun 6th August9 PM4 PMOPEN

JFC are looking for people who are wanting to host an event to help make this celebration extra special. We can add more panels if more people want to do stuff. We will be updating you often with changes and as always it is subject to changes even on the day.

If you think this could be you, DM Ehestri with your details and what you will be running and we will add you to the next update!