Duke Cavendish unveils sweeping mutant regulation in the wake of Halloween night horror

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LONDON, November 2nd, 1992 — In a solemn address to the nation, Duke Anthony Cavendish, a distinguished member of the House of Lords, announced a series of far-reaching measures designed to regulate and monitor individuals possessing mutant abilities. The announcement comes in the aftermath of a shocking and devastating attack on his London manor on Halloween night. The iron gate and the burnt-out ruins of Duke Cavendish’s once magnificent London manor served as a somber backdrop to the press conference. The Duke, dressed immaculately in a dark navy blue suit with perfectly trimmed white hair, stood resolute, flanked by his elegantly dressed wife. His speech was a grave acknowledgment of the pressing need for enhanced control and oversight of mutants within society. Duke Cavendish began his address by lamenting the recent attack on his home, emphasizing that it was not merely an assault on a single individual but an affront to the very principles that underpin the nation. He underscored the urgent necessity to safeguard both human and mutant citizens from the potential dangers posed by those with extraordinary abilities. The Duke’s proposed measures include:

  1. Mandatory Mutant Registration: Duke Cavendish called for the immediate implementation of a Mutant Registration system, drawing a parallel with responsible vehicle and firearm registration. This proposal seeks to ensure transparency, accountability, and, most crucially, the safety of all citizens.
  2. Centralised Mutant Database: He advocated for a centralised database accessible to law enforcement and government agencies, containing information about the abilities and backgrounds of registered mutants. This would facilitate quicker identification and response to potential threats.
  3. Tighter Oversight of Mutant Institutions: Duke Cavendish emphasised the need for stricter oversight and regulation of institutions catering to mutants. While acknowledging the importance of education, he cautioned against unchecked gatherings of individuals with unique abilities and called for stringent guidelines to uphold societal safety.
  4. Establishment of Restricted Zones: The Duke proposed the creation of restricted zones, barring mutants from entering or residing within certain areas, particularly those housing government buildings, military installations, and crowded public spaces. These measures aim to minimise the perceived threat posed by mutant abilities in sensitive locations.

The Duke’s speech has ignited a firestorm of controversy, with a divided public responding both in support and opposition to his proposals. Many view them as necessary steps to ensure security, while others raise concerns about civil liberties, discrimination, and the potential for further division between humans and mutants. As the nation grapples with this polarising issue, the future remains uncertain. The Duke’s call for unity and collective effort may either bridge the gap or deepen the divide between mutant and human communities. The only certainty is that the debate surrounding mutant regulations will continue to shape the course of the United Kingdom in the days to come.