Weekly Spotlight – USS Athena Part 1

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Brief Outline of your game and theme

The Athena is a Prometheus-class ship, designed for long-range tactical assignments. That means our stories are often action-packed and plot-heavy. But of course, we’re people who have feelings and relationships – our character development is deep, and long-term stories are not only encouraged, they’re practically a requirement.

Of course, in simming terms, we’re huge fans of the Star Trek universe and we want to have some fun in that environment! The idea of a futuristic utopian society might seem like a dream, but for us it’s what we love to explore and challenge ourselves with. Our missions are designed to push us to examine the same moral and intellectual questions that classic Trek does, be that through asking how one might interpret the Prime Directive, or what membership in a quadrant-spanning Federation of Planets actually means.

Current Mission

Wrath of the People

An explosion rocks a Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony where a Federation Council candidate is giving a speech. All evidence points to Captain Jacob Kane of the USS Athena. Arrested and put on trial, he must prove his innocence – or rely on the help of his crew to find the evidence that can exonerate him.

With the Captain on trial for his life, the crew are assigned a new CO: Commander Amaya Lance, formerly of Obsidian Command, recently returning from over 2 years of PTSD counselling and medical leave. But has she been placed on board to deliberately hinder the crew? And if so, why?”

Favourite thing about your game?

“You’re a Starfleet Captain. You believe in service, sacrifice, compassion and love. I’m not going to abandon the things that made me what I am because of a future I hadn’t foreseen.” – Captain Christopher Pike

We’re a crew that believes in service to one another as writers and players – we care about each other and our characters. We want to make this the best experience we can, and that means working together and above all collaborating. Team work makes the dream work, right?

We’re a crew that believes in sacrifice – because being in Starfleet does mean we are committed to sacrificing our characters’ lives and goals for others.

We’re a crew that believes in compassion for one another and for ourselves. This is a place to unwind, have some fun, and escape from the world. Of course writing and playing together is a hobby 100% of the time. And I’ll never treat it as something that should always be your first thought in life. But our crew are a family, and we care about each other.”

Open Positions

Not currently recruiting – we have a full house! 

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