Golden Padd 2023 – Winner

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Golden Padd 2023 Winner: Alex from USS Athena receives the prize.

We are excited to announce the winner of the Golden Padd 2023! Despite receiving only one entry this year, the judging panel unanimously decided to honor Alex from the USS Athena as the deserving recipient. Alex’s submission stood out for its exceptional efforts, quality, and unwavering commitment. As a token of appreciation, we will be awarding Alex with a well-deserved prize of 1500 xp. To delve into Alex’s captivating story, please click on the provided link. We must note that the story contains elements of violence and manipulative themes, which have been masterfully portrayed by Alex. Stay tuned for more updates on our future writing competitions and be inspired to unleash your creativity!

This year unfortunately we only had one entry but… we have decided to award that entry as the Golden Padd winner for 2023 due to the efforts, quality and commitment.

The winner is Alex from the USS Athena.

The prize of 1500 xp will come your way asap. 

You can check out the story in the link due to the vague description of violence, and manipulative themes.