The Fleet DB, Contributors, and You!

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Hello! It is du Lac with another news piece!

As you may, or may not know, we have a Fleet Database which contains loads of handy stuff. If you’ve not seen it, it’s on the menu just at the top here, a little bit to the left or right of where your eyes are looking now. Unless you’re on a mobile. In which case it’s hiding under the burger menu off to the side.

It’s also fair to say, since the wiki tragically imploded around 10 years ago that this has been the weakest bit of our WordPress-based platform.

So we’re making some changes.

Part 1 – A Revised Layout

We’ve changed the layout so it’s a lot simpler. Now it’s a straightforward list of categories.

Simple DB layout engaged

Click on one of those. The category view appears. Nice and simple.

We’re also working on a new layout for pages which follows some wiki-like conventions with infobars on the side. Still a bit of a work in progress – like the info bar might be too wide still. 

Part 2 – Add DB in My IFS

We’ve added a new component to My IFS where you can add or edit your own DB Articles

For those of you who use the backend dashboard/advanced control panel, the database articles function is also present just under Media:

Part 3 – Contributor Powers!

We’re also testing some new and improved contributor powers for non-GM roles. These new powers allow members to suggest edits to existing articles which can then be checked off by an editor-level or higher role attached to the DB.

If you’re not a Game Master and would like to test this new ability to contribute to the DB, let me or another FC member know via Discord. 

GM’s have also been given these new capabilities to test. Please try to break stuff.

As an added cookie, if you mention in #fleet-general “I AM BREAKING THE TINGS DU LAC HAS ASKED” after suggesting a new revision, I’ll see about awarding you like 500xp on Polaris. Deal?