USS Tanjura: Inquiry-class Ship Begins Shakedown Cruise & Frontier Patrol

Written Bynjessa-azjure
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The USS Tanjura, the first of the new Inquiry-class ships completed in the shipyards above Andoria, has received enough of its crew to begin its shakedown cruise before venturing into less charted space. While the Inquiry-class has been having some teething troubles as they are being brought into the fleet at a rapid pace, the Andorian Imperial Yards stands fully behind this ship and does not anticipate any significant problems with the design.

The USS Tanjura is the return to shipboard command of Lieutenant Commander Njessa Ajzure‘s after nearly a decade of duty elsewhere in Starfleet including a position at the Academy and a brief period as caretaker commander of Starbase Protector.

The Tanjura‘s mission is a proof of concept attempting to blend a mixed crew of serving Starfleet personnel, civilian transfers, and newly graduated officers into a coherent whole. It is hoped that this model combined with the holographic crew of the Inquiry-class will allow for the effective deployment of a larger fleet of ships in a shorter time.

After the shakedown, expected to last two weeks, the Tanjura will take up its official duties combining frontier patrol and exploration. She will be based out of Esquimalt Station and coordinating with Task Force 72 on matters of interest and support.

There is still room for new crew aboard, especially at the section head level, with only engineering and security/tactical filled. Come and explore with us.