Esquimalt Is Open for You!

Written Byyminawara
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Hey all!

I plan to have a 2023 recap for 72 and 13 here by the end of the next couple days. But first, I have some updates surrounding writing. We often hear that a lot of people want to write together and don’t have a feeling like they can engage with the others of the fleet as well. Maybe they don’t share a game, or they don’t have characters on their mind that fit. Well, to ease some of that, allow us to introduce Esquimalt Station. Okay, many of you are familiar with the station from its initial introduction, and its centre piece in a news story recently. It is the headquarters for Task Force 72 and 13, who make use of it as a centre for their base of operations. Up until recently it has served as “the place captains sometimes talk.” We are going to be adjusting that slightly, and making better use of it, in conjunction with IFS3. Esquimalt will now be available for you to write just about anything on. If you have a character you want to try out, fresh from the academy, this is the game for you!

Esquimalt will also not count against your character writing, and will not be subject to minimum post guidelines. The point of this game space is to be slower, to build the lore around our prime time universe. It will also be a place where you won’t be playing the Department Head, or even an assistant department head. Take on your inner Boimler and write a place for a character who just graduated. I will be operating it as the Station’s Commanding Officer, with some help from FC to fill some senior roles when needed. But for the most part you are going to be allowed do as you please, with a little bit of direction as the plot tumbles forward for the various members writing on the game. Applications will open by the end of the week for positions available.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me and I would be happy to answer them!