Chapter 2 - Good Samaritan pt. 2

Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:07 PM
Seraq> ::he grinned through filthy teeth:: Order your people to stand down and comply.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:08 PM
::immediately stands up straight and side-glances around to see what the exact situation is::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:09 PM
::gestures with a hand:: To the bridge it is.
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:10 PM
::enters the freighter’s bridge:: Report, Stevens.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:10 PM
::leans over towards the center chair:: Romulans?
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:11 PM
Stevens> Power is being tempermental but it won’t take long to restore it.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:12 PM
::puts a hand out, stopping K’Naut in his tracks::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:12 PM
::Shrug:: The energy signature matches. They’ve been getting desprete.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:12 PM
::puts her hands up, but one hand is inside the arm holding the scalpel. She uses that hand to push the arm away, trying to step out of Seraq’s grasp::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:13 PM
Seraq> ::grabs her hair and yanks her back, putting it again to her throat, this time breaking the skin:: Now now, let’s not make this harder than it needs to be.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:13 PM
::gestures at the console:: It’s leaking…is that…blood? ::puts her hand on her phaser::
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/09/2024 9:14 PM
::looks up to see the situation, and freezes, looking around to see where other aggressors might be::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:15 PM
::glares out the corner of her eye:: Don’t think it’s going to be easy…
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:15 PM
:::The people who’d been brought over to be helped begin spreading out, grabbing anything sharp they can to use as rudimentary weapons, taking their own hostages.
Seraq> Oh, I do like a woman who puts up a fight.
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/09/2024 9:17 PM
::he and the other medical officers put their hands up as their guests outflank them. He still eyes up certain individuals that could be week spots::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:17 PM
::looks to where Statzia is pointing:: blood? Whose blood?
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:18 PM
Seraq> Ladies and Gentlemen, please begin filing into your stasis chamber, nice and easy, and nobody will be hurt.
:::it’s as if they know how a starfleet sickbay works::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:18 PM
::lets out a breath, deciding to pull her phaser anyways:: It’s oozing out from under that console panel. ::gestures with the phaser this time::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:20 PM
::frowns as she watches their other mobile patients spread out. They’re more outnumbered than she wanted to admit:: do as they say. ::said crossly and short to her own crew:: No heros. ::specifically eyes Chance for a moment, knowing he’d try something::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:20 PM
::looks up at K’Naut:: Open it, Chief. I’ll cover you. ::takes a step back and readies her weapon::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:20 PM
Seraq> ::follows her eyes:: Grab that one for a minute, lads.
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/09/2024 9:21 PM
::knows instantly that the last part is for him, and reluctantly settles where he is::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:21 PM
:::Two of the larger men each take one of Chance’s arm:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:22 PM
::drums her fingers on the arms of her chair:: Have there been other Romulan incursions this far in?
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/09/2024 9:22 PM
Hey! ::struggles as they grab him:: What the…!
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:22 PM
Not that I’ve seen any reports of.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:23 PM
No! ::immediately pissed that she’s given them away, knowing what could happen:: Stop. What is it you want?
::still glaring at them::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:25 PM
Seraq> I want to be assured that you won’t give us any trouble so here is what we’re doing to do. All of your lovely doctors are going to stasis. This big strapping lad, well, he’ll have my two friends stay with him and you little lady will take me and the others to the Bridge. If I don’t have control of this ship within three minutes of us getting up there, they’ll break every bone in his body. Do we have an understanding?
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:26 PM
::opens indicated console::
::wrinkles nose at smell::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:27 PM
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:28 PM
::hold eye contact with her eldest son, before turning back to Seraq:: You’ll regret doing this either way, but sure, we have an understanding.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:28 PM
::swears in five distinct languages::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:29 PM
Seraq> Come on my people, our chariot awaits. ::motioning for Edra to lead the way as the medical staff is salted away and Chance is left with the two bruisers:::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:29 PM
+MERC+ Liski to Captain Crow. We have a dead body shoved in the wall panel of the bridge over here.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:29 PM
+Liski+ Say that again?
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:30 PM
+Merc+ Dead body hidden in the wall. A naked one at that.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:30 PM
::R’alor, another of the pirates calmly walks up to the red-headed doctor and plucks his communicator off his chest. Then approaches their hostage and takes her too. Purrs:: We wouldn’t want any warning getting out…
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:30 PM
Seraq> My love, always thinking ahead.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:31 PM
::sits up straight::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:31 PM
+Liski+ Tear the place apart and see if you can find more. And watch your backs, the pirates may still be on board.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:31 PM
R’Alor> ::smiles at Seraq before falling in beside him::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:33 PM
::nodding at body::Can we identify this person?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:33 PM
::walks to the lift, waiting for the others to step inside…thoughts of taking at least one or two out cross her mind, but her hands couldn’t be more tied if there was rope wound around them:: Bridge.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:34 PM
+Merc+ Understood, Captain. We’ll be on alert. I would recommend seeing what details you can get from the survivors. We’re encountering some technical delays. I’ll check in shortly.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:34 PM
:::a few minutes later Edra and her new friends spill onto the Bridge:::
+Liski+ Yea, I’ll go talk….::he turned, seeing the lift:::
Seraq> Now this is a quality bridge. You have my envy, Captain.
What’s the meaning of this?
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:35 PM
::sees the Captain’s attention shift, and starts to stand::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:35 PM
::gets out tricorder and begins scanning:: Steven’s, keep working on getting the power back to that console. And keep your eye out.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:35 PM
::immediately eyes Henry, hoping he can read her look telling him not to do anything ras-…anything::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:35 PM
Seraq> Now now, let’s all settle. Tell him what’ll happen. ::to Edra:::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:36 PM
They have Chance…
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:36 PM
:::swallows subtly:: What do you want?
Seraq> Oh, just your magnificent ship. ::looks to R’alor:: Lock it down Love.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:38 PM
R’Alor> ::steps ahead of the others and approaches the Ops console:: This seat. ::her tone and a glance at the Captain are enough for the Lt. to vacate and step away::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:38 PM
Seraq> And of course you’ll all be nicely handing over your weapons. I’d hate to cut this lass.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:38 PM
::pauses, tilting her head, waiting for the rest of what the Captain would say::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:38 PM
:::eyes the weapon at his wife’s throat:: Do as they say.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:39 PM
::slowly sits down in her chair again::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:39 PM
::continues to glare at the woman forcing her way into the seat, even if the other woman isn’t lookimg at her::
R’Alor> ::fingers fly across the console, pausing a few times, but a minute later:: I’m in! ::turns and smiles at Seraq::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:42 PM
Seraq> I never had a doubt.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:42 PM
Well, that was odd.
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:42 PM
::pulls out a second tricorder:: Z, sounds like the captain has a lot on his plate. Let’s get as much info as we can here. I’ve got this tricorder set to detect large masses of organic matter and this one set for lifeforms.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:42 PM
:::watches the woman, who knows her away with the ship’s systems:: Where did you get the Romulan weapons?
Seraq> Oh that was the easy part. They’re selling them left and right if you know where to look.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:43 PM
::takes the second tricorder in her left hand, phaser still in her right::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:44 PM
::folds her hands in her lap, quietly nervously fiddling with her gloves::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:44 PM
R’Alor> I have control of the helm, sensors, communications, you name it.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:44 PM
Seraq> Can you cut the life support to everywhere except the bridge?
That’s not necessary. We’re not resisting.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:45 PM
::begins scanning for life forms::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:45 PM
There are…children on this ship.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:45 PM
R’Alor> ::A few taps on the console:: Done
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:46 PM
::sets her left glove on the seat next to her::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:46 PM
Seraq> Okay, okay, turn it back on. We’re a generous lot. But remember, she’ll kill every last one of your people.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:46 PM
::chomping at the bit to do something, but feels the blade cut in as she leans forward::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 9:46 PM
::frowning at tricorder:: This is a mess. So many echoes and scattering. What is going on with this ship?
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:47 PM
Seraq> I’m the nice one. ::laughs:::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:47 PM
R’Alor> ::a few taps again::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:47 PM
My crew on that freighter are expecting me to give them new orders.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:47 PM
::leans over to look at K’Naut’s scans:: Shielding maybe?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:48 PM
::breathes a little easier, but her anger is building::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:49 PM
Seraq> ::tosses Edra to another of the men, walking up towards Henry with zero fear::: And what orders would that be, big fella?
To continue repairing the ship and getting it ready for the people we brought over.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 9:49 PM
::sets her other glove on the seat::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:50 PM
Seraq> It better be. ::nods to R’alor:: Let’em put their souls at ease.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:50 PM
::stumbles into other arms, this one with a phaser…probably not set on stun::
R’Alor> ::tap tap:: lines are open.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:51 PM
+Liski+ This is the Captain, do you read me?
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:51 PM
::scowls:: This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
+Merc+ Loud and clear, Captain. What did our friends have to say?
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:54 PM
+Liski+ Quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found more issues like the one you told me about…probably alot of them. I wanted you to convey some orders to the Chief. Ship systems like communications and life support may be out of your control but it’s important that you work to regain them so these folks can take over from you and control their ship again.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:55 PM
::looks at Seraq and others to gauge their reaction. Hopefully they didn’t pick up on that::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:55 PM
Seraq> ::Motions for him to wrap it up:::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 9:55 PM
::turns to the Chief, raising an eyebrow::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 9:56 PM
R’Alor> ::frowns at the wording, but doesn’t say anything…for now::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 9:57 PM
+Liski+ Edra and I are going to break some bread with their Captain and his..uh….friend here so I won’t be in contact for awhile. Just follow through and get all of that taken care of so we can make things right.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 10:00 PM
+Merc+ Understood, Captain. ::pauses:: We still on for coffee later?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:00 PM
R’Alor> ::shuts the feed off::that’s enough
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:00 PM
:::about to answer when he stops:::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 10:01 PM
::arches an eyebrow:: That was coded, right? I’m not up on the latest version. What did he order?
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 10:01 PM
+Merc+ Captain?
::swears in two additional languages::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:03 PM
Seraq> Now, I want all of you to go stand in the corner. ::looks to R’alor:: When they’re being good boys and girls, put a force field around them.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:04 PM
R’Alor> ::sets up the parameters on the console:: Ready when you are
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 10:04 PM
::stands, reaching out a hand to grasp Seraq’s wrist:: Please…you don’t want to do this.
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 10:04 PM
Something’s wrong.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:04 PM
Seraq> ::backhands her across the face:: Don’t touch me.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 10:05 PM
::takes the hit, but leans back as he makes contact::
Lt. K’Naut, Chief Engineer — 04/09/2024 10:05 PM
I get that. What does he want us to do?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:06 PM
::struggles to get to Seraq, to do something to him, but her arms are held tight::
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:06 PM
:::steps in to steady Millie as she moves back:::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 10:06 PM
Our visitors have taken control of life support and communications. What’s the status of our systems here?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:08 PM
R’Alor> Everybody better calm down! ::pauses:: Life Support is on the line. Now, file into the corner.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:08 PM
(pausing very soon)
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 10:08 PM
(What’s working on the other ship?)
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:09 PM
(basic low level power, life support. Main power is still down)
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:10 PM
R’Alor> ::finger hovers over the consol as the crew slowly does what they’re told::
Edra> ::unsure if she’s included in the orders until her handler pushes her toward the others::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/09/2024 10:12 PM
::to the other 3:: I want an immediate diagnostic of what this ship has working, and what isn’t. We need to get power up and running, we need coms, and we need weapons. As the ranking officer, I’m taking command
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:12 PM
::when he can, takes Edra by the hand, immediately checking the wound on her neck, which isnt that bad:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/09/2024 10:13 PM
::follows the others::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/09/2024 10:13 PM
::whispers:: I’m fine…
R’Alor> ::her finger comes down on the console, closing off the field around the small group.:: That aught to hold.
Cpt H Crow — 04/09/2024 10:14 PM
Seraq> ::::as the force field goes up, smiles and takes the center chair;::