Chapter 3 - Good Samaritan pt. 3

Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:42 PM
Jonas> ::drops like a rock:::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:42 PM
You have no idea. I’m going to sit here and watch.
::To Millie:: Ewwwwwwwww
Evelyn Moro
— 04/16/2024 9:43 PM
Hello courtmartial….. :::taps taps taps, hooking Emma into the Merc’s holo system::: Done.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:43 PM
Any bets on how long they survive after Patricia finds out?
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:43 PM
Seraq> Who?
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:44 PM
We have a Patricia. ::Considers Millie’s question:: Maybe a minute if they run really fast?
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:44 PM
::looks at the man who’s still holding Chance but who now has a blank horrified look::: Get your fucking hands off my husband.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:44 PM
Rulli> :::looks at Chance, then her, then releaes him, hands in the air:: I was just following orders.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:45 PM
EMMA ::blinks into existence in the shuttle bay, and gasps at seeing the Forty One, running over to the ramp and peeking in:: Statzia!!
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:45 PM
Seraq> +Jonas+ Is he dead yet? :::no answer:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:46 PM
::tsks:: I think a minute was too generous.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:46 PM
::lets out the breath he was holding:: Hopefully.
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:46 PM
::walks over to Chance:: You okay?
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/16/2024 9:46 PM
::hears Emma through the com and cries out, catching herself on the bulkhead before she fell to her knees::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:47 PM
Yeah. I think you might be right. I’d say Patricia has started. Well, it was nice knowing you. ::Nods to Seraq::
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:47 PM
::stands and walks to Jonas, taking his comm badge:: yes, he is…
Evelyn Moro
— 04/16/2024 9:47 PM
She has access to the ship now.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:47 PM
Seraq> Everyone down there ….now.
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:48 PM
::grins at his wife:: my hero…
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:48 PM
Pirates> :::all run to the lift:::
Lt. Cmdr. Statzia Liski
— 04/16/2024 9:48 PM
Em, no time to explain. Ship’s bridge has been hijacked. I need the problem eliminated.
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:48 PM
I have good news…but first, do I kill him too?
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:48 PM
Rulli> ::gulps:::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:49 PM
::Laughs:: And now you’re alone.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:49 PM
EMMA ::massive phaser rifle materializes, and she runs a hand through the spiky pink hair before she blinks out::
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:49 PM
:;never one for bloodshed:: he hasn’t done anything to me.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:49 PM
Seraq> ::kisses R’Alor’s shoulder::: I only need her.
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:50 PM
::points to a chair:: Sit…and don’t move.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:50 PM
Rulli> ::obdient:::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:50 PM
::To the Mercutio crew nearby:: Yeah. He’s alone.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:50 PM
Emma: ::blinks onto the bridge for half a second and back out again::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:51 PM
Seraq> I think it’s time to end the chit chat. Dearie, would you cut off their oxygen in that field?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 9:51 PM
R’Alor> ::stands, ignoring Seraq, and walks toward the force field:: Patricia? Patricia who?
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:52 PM
Just a Patricia. The last Patricia you will ever see.
Evelyn Moro
— 04/16/2024 9:52 PM
::looks back at the baby::: This better work.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:52 PM
EMMA ::blinks in, fires once, R’Alor drops to the ground, blinks out again::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:53 PM
One thousand.. two thousand… three thousand…
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:53 PM
Patricia Banks.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:54 PM
EMMA ::blinks in, fires twice into the chest of Seraq, blinks out::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 9:54 PM
R’Alor ::pales and back up shaking her head;: we need to leave. ::turning back to Seraq:: now!
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:55 PM
Seraq> ::flies back into a console, groaning and holding his chest:: Uhhhhh….we ain’t leaving, we won.
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:56 PM
You didn’t. You just haven’t figured that out yet.
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:56 PM
:::hits the release on the medical staff, freeing them:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:56 PM
EMMA ::blinks in, grabs Seraq by the hair, jerking his head back:: Where is my Statzia?
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:56 PM
Seraq> Bloody ‘ell…where’d she come from?
Dr. Chance Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:57 PM
::breathes easier:: i think the bridge is being held hostage…
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:57 PM
:: grin:: On my way. :::heads out:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:58 PM
EMMA ::blinks again:: Computer? ::jerks hard on the hair again:: Where is she?!?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 9:58 PM
R’Alor> ::blinks, not sure where she came from…::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 9:58 PM
Seraq> the other ship…she ain’t here, we ain’t hurt her.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 9:59 PM
R’Alor> ::to Seraq:: this Patricia was part of Nadall’s syndicate. We have to go!
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 9:59 PM
::Crosses her arms, watching again::
Evelyn Moro
— 04/16/2024 9:59 PM
::logs into sensors, seeing a live feed of the bridge::: ::tap tap tap, accessing the force field and deactivating it:::
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 9:59 PM
EMMA ::slams his head back into the console, dropping him unconscious to the deck::
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 9:59 PM
:::steps out of the TL, over the bodies of a dozen pirates::: Now wasn’t I invited to the party?
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
Seraq> :::zzzzzzzzzzz::::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
::Points:: That Patricia.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
EMMA ::swivels, leveling her rifle at the opening lift::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
::Sees the shimmer of the force field drop, and immediately sprints for her console::
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
::little finger wave:: Hi Pinky.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:00 PM
R’Alor> ::backs up, putting distance between her and EMMA::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:01 PM
:::now freed::: Chance is in Sickbay.
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 10:01 PM
He’s okay. Their men are not,.
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 10:01 PM
::To Millie:: I owe you a drink. That was a lot less than one minute.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:02 PM
R’Alor ::backed agains the wall, sidestepping toward the nearest door::
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 10:02 PM
::Hands dancing across her console, she starts to check systems::
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:02 PM
Edra> ::breathes a sigh of relief: :
Evelyn Moro
— 04/16/2024 10:03 PM
:::enacts a force field around R’Alor:::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:03 PM
:::looks at Emma::: And who’s this?
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 10:03 PM
Long story.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 10:03 PM
EMMA ::levels her phaser at R’Alor:: does she need disposed of?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:04 PM
R’Alor> ::jumps when she hits the field but stays where she is::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:04 PM
I think she’s secure now ::to Emma:: Everyone okay?
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:05 PM
::considers giving EMMA permission, but thinks better of it::
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:05 PM
Let’s transport these two to the Brig.
+Statzia+ Situation here has drastically improved.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:06 PM
I’m going down to Sickbay.
Lt Millie Stepanova, Couns. — 04/16/2024 10:06 PM
EMMA: There’s a blonde woman in my shuttle, and Statzia is missing. ::lowers the rifle, giving a nod to Patricia:: You…got older.
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:06 PM
::nod to Edra:::
Patricia Crow
— 04/16/2024 10:06 PM
Well hello to you too.
Lt Kerwen Nuhl-Helm — 04/16/2024 10:06 PM
::Nods:: Alright, I have control of the engines.
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:07 PM
::gets to the lift:: deck 4
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:07 PM
Ops> :::transports Seraq and R’Alor to the Brig::
(end points)
Cdr Edra Crow — 04/16/2024 10:08 PM
Cpt H Crow — 04/16/2024 10:08 PM
:::about to sit in his chair, but stops himself:: I….I think I’ll stand.