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Star Trek; Colony
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Play-by-Web (Nova)


Game Ratings

Language: Swearing and mature language permitted with some limits
Sexual Content: Sexual content is permitted with some limits
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

Nestled in a previously unexamined region of Beta Quadrant is one of the Federation’s newest budding colonies. Now in the second year of it’s development and settlement, Haumea Colony is growing out of its shell and further into the planet and the surrounding solar system. But with that exploration comes discovery, mystery, and a history that no one in the colony proper knows details about.

Despite this, Haumea is home to many a-budding scientist, entrepreneur, and those looking for a grounded experience without leaving the safety of Starfleet’s expert response and reach.

Haumea boasts a welcoming environment of Diversity and Inclusion, embracing the original message of Gene Roddenbery’s Star Trek. Anyone who feels they fit in with Haumea’s culture are welcome to stay as long as they wish.

Crew Manifest - Haumea Colony

Commanding Officer
Chief Counselor
Lieutenant Commander
Civilian Director

Game Updates

Hallow's Eve and the Disappearance of Captain Mahone

Haumea is picking up the pace as of October! We’re pulling together a pair of events on the colony and we have big plans to make some great stories!

On one hand, our ongoing mission sees the mysterious and alarming disappearance of Captain Luka Mahone. The Starfleet crew are scrambled to turn the colony upside down in an effort to find even the slightest clue as to where he was taken to, and if he’s still alive when they get there.

But on the other, as the seasons turn in real life, so to do seasons in Haumea. Set before the mission is our Fall and Halloween fun time. Expect tricks, treats, and everything in between!

2023-10-03 00:00
One Goodbye, One Hello, and the Ongoing Adventures...

As we continue our mission to retrieve Captain Mahone from… Wherever he is, we have had an exciting B Plot set up by our very own Flight Control Chief! Yes, one of our members has shifted from his character in medical to create Naota, an Only Flight Controller who’s not about to be bored by his assignment. Also joining us is Kyan, another Only officer, played by a new member who has joined us this month. I can’t wait to see what the pair of them have in store!

In more serious news, we have had to wave goodbye to Thaddeus Yu (may his travels outside of Haumea be pleasant and joyful), and have removed civilian positions as recruitable PC positions for a period of time until we can suss out exactly what we need.

Gobbled Up For Turkey Month!

Haumea’s members have held strong this month! While we have been hard at work on quite a few posts, not all of them are ready to come out of the oven. So our Captain still remains missing, the USS Atala has stumbled upon an anomaly. To throw a wrench in everyone’s well-thought out plans, a mysterious ship has come out of warp and is about to crash into Haumea proper! What ever will the team do!?

We have multiple positions opened up if you’re reading this and are interested in helping breathe life into this colony. Come check us out via our site or our discord and see if you’re a good fit!