Game Master: matt-davis
Star Trek Alternative Timeline
Game Type: 
Tabletop/Virtual Tabletop RPG


Game Ratings

Language: Infrequent, mild swearing permitted
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits


The USS Wabi Sabi embarks on her first mission. The brand-new Excelsior II Class starship, fresh from her space trails makes course for Deep Space Nine. From there she will escort a convoy of civilian cargo ships into Cardassian space. Why the military escort? Well, that would be the increase in pirate activities in the region and the need for these supplies to reach their destination. Although these supplies are vital and must be delivered, this is not the only goal of the Wabi Sabi and her crew.

They must find evidence that will lead them to the strong fast the pirates are using and launching their attacks from, and then finding a way to deal with them with no help beyond that of their Klingon friends on the IKS Mupwi’. The fleet is spread thin and there is unlikely to be any help in range when the time came. The renewed threat from the Romulan Empire and that of the Typhon pact in general was a concern which tied much of the starfleet to sectors in the ‘east’ and ‘south’ of Federation space.

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Crew Manifest - USS Wabi Sabi

Commanding Officer
Chief Engineer / Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer / Third Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Operations Officer

Game Updates

End of Year Report 2022

While the Potemkin is now nearing the end of her 3rd year (March ’23) this year has been our first full year of running. We have been very happy with our game play and stories, the Potemkin has been through a lot and her grow has grown in both skill level and emotional.

In our time we have had a total of 12 players with a current number of 7 active and 5 former. Even so, all players of the Potemkin have added to her story and overall Lore, The have faced great danger, welcomed a new member world to the Federation and travelled through time! They have wrestled with both the Prime Directive and Temporal Prime Directive, realising that at times morality sometimes clashes with the regulations.


In 2022 the crew of the Potemkin has written 44,187, which amounts to around 88.3 posts; in the same time we have had a total of 2,780.52 player hours, that’s a little under 115.8 days!

We move into the new year with high hopes, a new season starting soon and some new characters to expand upon the interesting and fun Lore the Potemkin forges every session.