Game Master: matt-davis
Star Trek Alternative Timeline
Game Type: 
Tabletop/Virtual Tabletop RPG


Game Ratings

Language: Infrequent, mild swearing permitted
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

po2“The Tilikaal have much in common with rarely encountered species such as the Organians, having moved beyond corporeal humanoid life. However, they retain, directly and indirectly, many connections to physical existence. It is this combination of the physical and nonphysical which makes Starfleet’s efforts to achieve peaceful contact and mutual understanding a challenge, especially since the Tilikaal’s ascension to noncorporeal beings, via their advanced technology, has played out across millennia.”

The USS Potemkin and her crew have once again been assigned to the Shackleton Expanse, after a year of repairs she sets out to explore the little known expanse. It isn’t long before they are drawn into yet another galaxy changing puzzle, encountering advanced and often perplexing technologies and peoples. There are many mysteries in the expanse that are being laid out before the crew to solve but will they want to uncover all of them?

Crew Manifest - USS Potemkin

Commanding Officer
Chief Engineer / Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer / Night Shift
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Operation Manager

Game Updates

End of Year Report 2022

While the Potemkin is now nearing the end of her 3rd year (March ’23) this year has been our first full year of running. We have been very happy with our game play and stories, the Potemkin has been through a lot and her grow has grown in both skill level and emotional.

In our time we have had a total of 12 players with a current number of 7 active and 5 former. Even so, all players of the Potemkin have added to her story and overall Lore, The have faced great danger, welcomed a new member world to the Federation and travelled through time! They have wrestled with both the Prime Directive and Temporal Prime Directive, realising that at times morality sometimes clashes with the regulations.


In 2022 the crew of the Potemkin has written 44,187, which amounts to around 88.3 posts; in the same time we have had a total of 2,780.52 player hours, that’s a little under 115.8 days!

We move into the new year with high hopes, a new season starting soon and some new characters to expand upon the interesting and fun Lore the Potemkin forges every session.