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Power Rangers
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Play-by-Web (Nova)

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Language: “Swearing and mature language permitted with some limits
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

The Solar Force Rangers have spent the three months since receiving their powers leading the Galactic Patrol Force’s battle against the Kaldor Imperium. The war is going well for the GPF, even if the Rangers ability to work together is much more strenuous. However, recent intelligence from the covert operations branch of the GPF have presented a concerning bit of information.


The Imperium have allied with a shadowy figure known as the Arbiter. Little is known about him, only that he controls an ancient evil. The Cult of Zedd. A movement dedicated to restoring Lord Zedd, an evil despot thought purified 50 years ago by the Zordon Wave. If the cult’s beliefs are true, then when Zedd was purified, his evil essence was so powerful that even the power of the Zordon Wave could eradicate it, and Zedd was trapped in a time warp akin to Zordon. The Arbiter and the cult wish to free him from that time warp, and if they succeed and the Imperium are able to ally with Zedd, no one, not even the Power Rangers, can stand in their way.


However, this is not their only concern. A prophecy comes to light.


When brothers rival and a warrior falls, the dark one shall arise, and with his arrival, the end must come. Now, the Rangers must face the battle to end all battles. One that will rage across space, time and realities. The question is which side will triumph and who shall be destroyed?

Crew Manifest - Power Rangers Solar Force

Red Ranger
Pink Ranger
Blue Ranger
Cyan Ranger
Green Ranger

Game Updates

September 2023 - Go Go Power Rangers

I legitimately have no idea what to write here; it’s something my character Damien and I share. We suck at paper work. We also share a love of Budweiser and a fascination with the Power Rangers, but I’m rambling here!


So, September was Power Rangers month. It brought with it Cosmic Fury, which was notable for the sim since the Cosmic Fury Zords come from Kyuranger, where the Solar Force Zords come from. In fact, the Cosmic Fury Megazord literally is the Solar Force Megazord! Our suits are cooler though. Sorry, rambling again!


We’ve been slowly plodding along, having fought off the alien invasion. We’ve got five of our six rangers together and found our giant robots, while the sixth is currently in a POW camp with a very red headed cadet who is totally not an undercover bad guy and totally doesn’t give that away by having the character literally linked to the post! Now, following a time jump, the team is heading to the planet Corathus in order to rescue an archaeological team who have ceased communication, including the pink ranger’s parents. What will they find? Find out on the next exciting episode of Power Rangers Solar Force!

October 2023 - Fired Up for More

Yes, I’m going through lines from power rangers opening themes for titles. Heaven help us all when I get to RPM…. I may have to resort to using a line from the unused demo!


I have almost an idea of what to write here. Almost. Not totally. I’m a writer, not a… Damn, I just broke my own point didn’t I!


We’ve continued the plod along, unfortunately losing a player along the way. However, exciting things are coming in the form of some individual craft for the team with a launch method that heavily apes on that of the Colonial Vipers, plus some wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… Stuff. Right in time for the triumphant return of Doctor Who!


What else will come? Well, you’ll just have to watch this space and find out!