USS Merlin

Melody Jones
Play by Web (Nova)

Commanding Officer
Melody Jones
Chief Medical Officer
Michael Ki MD

The New Collective

The newly refit USS Merlin sets out on her mission to explore the region of unknown space beyond the Romulan Empire borders. While en route they get distress signals from various colony world under attack. One word makes their blood run cold: Borg. Having been refit with the latest experimental technology the Merlin starts responding to the distress calls, expecting to find the colonies assimilated. However, on arriving they find nothing but destruction, no assimilation. Now the Merlin and her crew must figure out what the Borg have in mind before they move like locusts, destroying and killing every planet they find. Will the crew succeed or become just another ship lost to these cybernetic destroyers?

Mission: 4

After retrieving the Merlin all crew has been granted a working shoreleave. The crew have been ordered to stay close by while Merlin is under repair and refit.

Mission: 3
Academy Days

Everyone came to Starfleet for a reason, be it fame and adventure or just an insatiable curiosity about the universe. This is where we explore those pasts along with our time at the Academy and early assignments. These are the stories of what brought us to where we are and do not have bearing on the main plot.

Mission: 1.5
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