USS Merlin

Melody Jones
Play by Web (Nova)

It has been nearly a decade since the Hobus star exploded destroying Romulus and causing various factions, including the Klingons, to prey on the fractured empire. The year is 2395 and the USS Merlin has been launched at a time of great instability. The Merlin is an Excalibur class ship designed as not only a command carrier but, as a deep space explorer as well (referred to by her crew lovingly as a warp capable starbase). The Merlin has been outfitted with everything she and her crew will need, from defense forces to the latest scientific equipment to the largest diplomatic area that could fit on the ship and even carries a complement of civilian specialists. This beautiful giant has been given a twofold assignment; the first to protect an unknown area of space at the farthest borders of the Romulan Empire; recently acquired in the Federation treaties. The second to keep the peace, with a renewed focus on exploration and discovery.

Here on the Merlin, we strive for 1 thing: to have fun writing. We do this by making sure our stories and writing is the best we can make it. None of us are professional writers, however, we still reach for that excellence. As you look around and think about joining what has become our online family, remember, you won't be joining just the Commanding Officers sim, you'll be joining the crew's sim and it will become your sim too, because it is not just one person who makes a sim, but the simmers who make it a sim. So, look around and read our stories then slip into a uniform and jump in!

Melody Jones
Commanding Officer

Nir'anyar (Anya)
Medical Officer

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