USS Vesta

Y. Minawara
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Welcome to the USS Vesta, one of the most advanced ships in Starfleet and the start of a new class of starship designed specifically for the use of the Quantum Slipstream Drive. With an advanced aerodynamic design to reduce her subspace drag to an absolute minimum, even without her Slipstream drive, the Vesta is the fastest ship in the fleet. With a new advent for exploration and a need for ships to go farther than ever before, the ability for the Vesta to cross regions of space faster than any ship before her makes her a prime Explorer for deep space exploration.

Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Commanding Officer
Jonathan Mantell
Nolan Marc
Asahi Kita
Yoshi Minawara

Mission 7 - Child's Play

While escorting a Federation Biologist researching the aging process, a strange phenomenon breaks out that causes much of the crew to begin acting younger. Soon, signs of actual deaging are shown as the crew begins to revert to a more child like state.

Mission: 7
A Misguiding Hand

The USS Vesta fresh from refit heads out to the Cardassian border, but however along the way, the crew picks up strange transmissions from a pre-warp civilization talking about possible alien contact.

Mission: 5
Refit and Relaxation

The USS Vesta returns from the Delta Quadrant, in both a surprising manner and a surprising time.

Mission: 4
Fastest Ship in the Quadrant

The USS Vesta, following the disastrous first contact with the Ziapteryx, receives a transmission from the Trans Stellar Relay asking if the Federation would like to partake in the event, and for them to host the starting point.

Mission: 3
Refined Relations

The USS Vesta, after arrival to the Delta Quadrant, is not given much time to get acquainted with the new Task Force, as she is quickly deployed to Sector 872, where a heavy Plasma Storm has recently passed through. While mostly unoccupied, the region is home to a known Republic of the First World mining facility, damaging it and causing the station to request aid. The Crew of the Vesta is about to find out the UFP and the RotFW aren't as similar as they first thought...

Mission: 2
Pomp and Circumstance

The Vesta is ready to launch. After years of sitting in Utopia Planetia, extensive simulations, refits and installations of new technologies, the ship is finally being declared ready to launch. The top technology within her? The Quantum Slipstream Drive.

A game changer within the Alpha and Beta Quadrant's, the launch of the Vesta with her Slipstream Drive has been the center of attention for both Starfleet and the political heads of the Federation, much to the chagrin of her crew. Swamped with media, politicians and Admiral's alike making visits and coming to see her launch, not to mention dignitaries of foreign governments, what Captain Minawara and his crew wanted to be a quiet ceremony has turned into an event, with all the pomp and circumstances that come with it.

Mission: 1
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