USS Vesta

Class: Vesta Class

Commanding Officer: Y. Minawara

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 13

USS Vesta 1

Welcome to the USS Vesta, one of the most advanced ships in Starfleet and the start of a new class of starship designed specifically for the use of the Quantum Slipstream Drive. With an advanced aerodynamic design to reduce her subspace drag to an absolute minimum, even without her Slipstream drive, the Vesta is the fastest ship in the fleet. With a new advent for exploration and a need for ships to go farther than ever before, the ability for the Vesta to cross regions of space faster than any ship before her makes her a prime Explorer for deep space exploration.

Characters on this sim

Chief Engineering Officer
Nolan Marc 2
Chief Science Officer
Asahi 3
Chief Intelligence Officer
Y. Minawara 4
Commanding Officer

Awards won by USS Vesta

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Currently Recruiting

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Author YMinawara
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