Fleet Services September 2017 Report of OnTimeNess

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Just in time, Fleet Services is providing its report for September 2017. Since my last report came late, this will not be as robust. However, there are a couple things to discuss.

New Character Hub!

As you hopefully saw, our new Character Hub has been released. You can add and edit characters (PCs only for now), and you can have your pre-Starfleet service record in there as well. Things to come as a result of this?

  • Assigning characters to a sim
  • Starfleet service record (manual entries that are not assigned by CO above)
  • Awards listed (although these will likely be listed at the player level)
  • Website showing TF/TG/Sim/Characters
  • And at some point… Open Positions List!

That last one has a ways to go, and I’ll let @dulac speak more to that in the future. But having these characters in place is the first step to a long line of new features in IFS.

Post Your News

You know how as a CO you can submit a sim report? That’s only part of the “game” here. We need everyone – players and COs alike – to submit news stories. These could be related to a hot thread in the forums, an awesome mission on your sim, a great post you want to see elevated to fame and glory by your CO/TGCO/etc. But we want your input for the site, and not just in sim reports and forum discussions.

[yp_button href=”https://www.obsidianfleet.net/submit-news/” size=”md” full_width=”false” icon_before=”fa fa-newspaper-o”]Submit News[/yp_button]

Engagement and Services

So here are some stats from the site for September. We had 20 new forum topics and 57 replies, as well as 5 award nominations. We also ended up with 11 News articles from September, and a total of 30 new characters entered last month (out of a total of 70 now!!!).

On social media we had 8 campaigns which drew 768 reached people over 24 page views on Facebook, as well as 1138 impressions and 162 profile visits on Twitter.