New Character Hub in IFS2!

Written Bydulac
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We are pleased to announce the latest addition to IFS2, the website for OF where we can post news, communicate through forums and groups, and track our sims and characters. Not everything has been built into the system yet, but a major piece hits today:

My Characters

In here you can do the following so far:

  • Create new characters
  • Edit characters
  • Add photos
  • Edit basic details and pre-Starfleet history
  • Note: Starfleet history (career) will be coming very soon!

These characters are linked to your user, and eventually they will be linked to sims, awards, TF groupings, and more. This is the first step in a wonderful list of addons to our website. For more information on IFS’s planned phases, go to our FAQ.

So get in here and edit your characters. We’re starting with PCs (no NPCs) first until we’re comfortable with the system. A special shoutout to @dulac and Fleet Services for the work on this.