Spam & Security Update

Written Bydulac
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Dear Members,

Earlier today everyone will have received a Private Message from a spambot. This smart little bot got through the IFS security system and managed to send its message.

Please disregard and delete the message, do not click any links or email it back. Obsidian Fleet will not be held responsible should you decide to do this – I’m sure you are all aware of basic internet security ?

We have already handled the account/issue; we just require members to be vigilant and delete the message. We are looking into this isolated incident and will make any security upgrades necessary to ensure our members’ data privacy. This is not only something that I take seriously as the Data Controller in complying with all relevant Data Protection Laws but as a member of the Fleet Leadership looking out for our members’ safety.

Should you have any genuine concerns, please email; [email protected]

There is no further need to send examples or report this issue.

I have also placed this in the Announcements area on the forums.

Kind Regards,

Adm. Myrkul Sharr
Joint Fleet Command | Data Controller