The Golden Pumpkin Competition

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Information On The Golden Pumpkin Competition

This year for Halloween Obsidian Fleet is calling on all members to come up with I-can’t-sleep-ever-again, tales of terror and horror from your characters and ships. The Golden Pumpkin Competition will run now until 12th November with the winner announced 26th November. So, plenty of time to dig inside your wildest imagination and find something so terrifying it will scare the cobwebs clean off of us!


Since it’ll be Thanksgiving when we announce this, we’re going to say thanks by giving away some prizes!

FIRST PRIZE: Overwatch for PC

SECOND PRIZE: American Truck Simulator for PC

THIRD PRIZE: Kerbal Space Program for PC

There’s $100 worth of PC games up for grabs. You just need to write a story…


What Will You Be Judged On?

It is only fair that you are told the criteria you are going to be put against, so here it is;


Premise/Concept 10%
Does writer engage the reader’s attention immediately? Is tone, setting and character established promptly? Is the premise/Concept logical, or too far-fetched even for horror?

Presentation 20%
Is writing fresh and free of clichés? Does it reveal writer’s vision and attitude clearly? Are viewpoint changes and pacing handled smoothly?

Characters & Dialogue 15%
Are characters believable, well-rounded? Actions and interactions consistent and well motivated?

Theme 10%
Does the theme represent what has been set down? Does it scare or give creep factor.

Plot 30%
Does progression seem inevitable without being too predictable? Is story interesting and compelling to read?

Style/Tone 15%
Are grammar and punctuation correct? Spelling accurate? Is manuscript professionally prepared? Are details consistent and correct?


Please send entries in a word doc to [email protected] with link from site, name and ship.