Commodore Harrington amidst a massive swindle?

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It has come to the attention of this intrepid reporter that a Commodore has fallen prey to the most common con of all! Commodore Harrington, commanding officer of the USS Nogura, has been approached by a woman and her two children, claiming that the two children are his! The crew is said to be extremely concerned about the timing of these claims.

It has been said that the Commodore, father of 1 child already, a little girl aged nearly 6 named Tess, was confused and shocked by the woman’s revelations and even took the children to have DNA testing done.

“DNA testing can be falsified.” A medic explains on the condition of anonymity. And while the Medic cannot show if this has happened, it is clear that there are those among the crew who back the woman, named Adira Toril. A Federation news correspondent herself.

After a bit more poking, we managed to get some quotes from some crew members:

“You ever meet a family and they smell similar? Like it’s obvious they love in the same environment based on that subtle smell alone? Well brains are kind of like that too… They feel kind of like they are connected somehow.” Says Lieutenant Junipyr Danea, the ship’s chief security officer “I don’t know if its true, but as far as I can tell she fully believes they’re his kids.”

“She is a con artist,” Chief engineer Ba’au says. “Her timing is really suspect and begs the question, why now? Why not when she found out she was pregnant?” The chief engineer seems very loyal to the Commodore, a surprise given her background, but also added “If she is, as I believe, conning the Commodore, then she best find a safe place to hide, because the crew won’t allow her to continue and will want her brought to justice, and it would not surprise me one bit to find out she is, and what type of woman uses children in that fashion?”

It is clear to this intrepid reporter that there is something afoot on the USS Nogura, and after more investigation, it may come out that the Commodore has been the victim of the oldest con in the book.

Already crew on the Nogura are looking into the matter. Whispers abound around the situation and the Commodore’s current love interest, one Commander Maurelle Valentine has been left devastated by the events unfolding, with crew observing the Commander becoming more and more withdrawn.

“It is horrible that Commander Valentine is being treated in such fashion,” A female operations officer said. “The woman loves the Commodore and along comes this… well jezebel… For lack of a better word, and he turns his head! Men are pigs at times.

And for the children?

“Tess is a wonderful child, the Commodore is proud of her, it is clear.” CEO Ba’au informs me. “He is the type of man who would do anything for his children. Which is why she obviously knew that claiming these twins of her’s are his would work.”

The ship’s counselor and executive officer when approached replied with “No Comment” and the executive officer also informed this reporter that should they hassle him again, they would be placed in the brig.

Commodore Harrington, Commander Valentine and Ms Toril were unavailable for comment. We shall continue to investigate.