Criminal captain leaves port a free woman

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It has come to this publication’s attention that the notorious swindling Captain Mayterial Droz was allowed to return to her vessel last week, which after seven days of feverish activity has departed from Starbase 72 this afternoon. The vessel had been docked at the starbase for the past nine months following the arrest of aforementioned captain and all of its crew. The arrests came in the wake of a long list of smuggling charges.

Miraculously the captain of the vessel was acquitted of all charges. The sector’s public prosecutor had insufficient evidence to support the fact that Captain Droz was involved in the drug smuggling operation aboard her vessel. Which seems like an awfully convenient way to get out of a long stint in prison, where Mayterial would’ve been a recurring guest from a previous stint in ’85, also on charges of smuggling of protected wares and related crimes.

From the route publically listed by the S.S. Fawkes, in an attempt to lure in unsuspecting passengers, it’s clear that they are headed to a region of space formerly inhabited by Maquis traitors and terrorists before the Dominion swept the region clear of the rebellious and traitorous forces. It seems that Mayterial and her crew, some of which have known ties to the former terrorist organisation, are making their allegiance clear and look to pick up where their ship stranded nine months ago.

With Captain Droz and her vessel, the S.S. Fawkes, back out in space it only seems to be a matter of time before they get associated with another high profile scandal. When that happens to can be assured that this esteemed publication will report you the truth as we see it. In the harsh light of a new sun.

Vanessa Casselman
Nova News Agency