Hayes Award for Outstanding Writing

Written Bydulac
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As you would have seen with the news item that the Joint Fleet Command put out two weeks back one of the players shortlisted for a Golden Pumpkin Award passed away last month. With that in mind, we are re-purposing the Golden Pumpkin award into The Hayes Award for Outstanding Writing.

Steve was one of those players that shone and included everyone in his wild and imaginative plots that made you think he was forever living up to the motto ‘go big or go home’. He was always ready to include everyone in his writing and literally never had a bad word to say about anyone. He will truly be missed by the crew of SS Mary Rose.

I hope that you will help us make this award mean something to honour his memory and all the stories he helped create. You can enter anything that you think is outstanding from something going bada boom to something as simple as an awesome piece of character personal development. The only criteria for shortlisting is the post must have been posted to your site within the 2018 calendar year. We will be accepting entries up until January 6th to allow all entries up until December 31st to count towards it.

If you would like to enter please send me the site link and players name to [email protected] or goldun#8667 on discord.