Mystery abounds Starbase Arcadia and the USS Defiant!

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USS Defiant has docked at Arcadia Station and is scheduled for an unscheduled baron sweep. The crew has been unloaded and distributed to quarters on the station. This in itself is not that unusual, except for the fact that the Station is hosting a council of Starfleet commanders and admiralty.

The reason behind this meeting has been a closely guarded secret, but we have heard rumours of the reveal of before now secret weapons systems, as well as rumours of a specialised starship being launched. No one will confirm this information of course, so we, the reporters of the Federation News Service are lurking around.

We all remember the Vengence incident, and we do not, the people of the Federation, want to see a repeat of this.

Also spotted on the station has been formerly Colonel Rebecca Jarvier, who has been promoted to General recently, a surprise after the prospective court marshal she was facing 2 years ago after attacking the former CO of the Defiant and its crew during a training exercise. Queries around the circumstances of her promotion have been met with cold silence and a few comments around being arrested for attempting to pry into Starfleet Intelligence.

The arrival of the now General is a cause for concern as stated she was facing a court marshal, once she was pulled unconscious and gagged from an escape pod. When she came to, it is reported she swore vengeance on the then XO of the USS Defiant, the now XO of the USS Artemis, Summer Gallagher and the then CO of the Defiant, now CO of the USS Artemis, Captain Christopher James. We wish her well with that, as both James and Gallagher have sterling reputations, and not to mention the fact that Gallagher’s family is deep within the Federation’s diplomatic corps.

She would have better luck trying to climb Mount Everest Naked. General Jarvier’s current position is not one we would consider for one of her temperament and past history – she is listed as a special attache to Admiral Virginia Haster, the commanding officer of Arcadia.

The current CO of the Defiant has been seen speaking with her senior officers as they prepared to leave the Defiant, but was unable to be reached for comment, neither could Admiral Haster. All attempts have been rebuffed as stated before.

Citing the freedom of the Press, we have informed Starfleet that any attempts to arrest our reporters shall be met with instantaneous legal action.

Calliope Montargis
Federation News Anchor
Starbase Arcadia