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This month we were approached by one of our speciality sims in the form of USS Nightingale. They have a rich and valuable history that has been carried on by a new Commanding Officer.

The USS Nightingale, Obsidian Fleet’s only medical ship, had a rocky start with some unexpected command changes do to real life (babies will do that to you!). But we are just wrapping up the first mission under its new CO, defeating terrorists trying to create a bioweapon. As we wrap up the mission on the old site, we present a brand, spanking new site created by our intrepid XO Neomi Verrill, where we are opening with a little Irish wake for those killed on the previous mission, celebrate the victory, and anticipate the Nightingale getting off the leash and out into the Federation. Who knows what the crew will get up to next?

Going forward, we will certainly do our share of standard missions, but always trying to give it a medical twist. We also allow players to explore their character-driven stories. We have a good crew of writers with experience writing the medical side of things, interesting characters, and a good stable of writers. Our upcoming storyline will involve transporting important medical supplies and expertise to a Federation colony, and the troubles that happen along the way, and a bit of mystery involved. We would also in the future like to do more with our Medical Education department to expand that into a possible follow up location for post-Academy off-site medical training.

And did I mention our beautiful new website?