Communication Report – August 2020

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How is it already September? Not much different to add this month as your communication department just plods on organising and running things behind scenes. Lots is being planned for the dark nights that seem to be approaching so watch this space.


As some of you know I was always going to be leaving the comms role eventually once both JFC and Comms were stable but the time table for it has been sped up due to certain events. This has not been easy but despite my stubbornness and my best efforts, it has been made impossible to keep powering through with both roles. So it is in the fleets best interest and my own that it has been decided that on Halloween I will pass on the shiny pink hat.

If anyone here is interested in the hat please reach out. Lots of news items will be happening to restructure the role and make it easier for someone else to carry on running the best department in the fleet but I wanted to give everyone a heads up as lots of volunteer roles will be announced to assist your new director in the coming months.

Social Media

If you didn’t already know we also have the following social media that we manage. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players. Some Commanding Officers have done some awesome work in linking stuff to our Facebook site.

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News Items

We need everyone – players and CO’s alike – to submit news stories. These could be anything from an awesome mission on your sim to a great post you want to see everyone talking about. Commanding Officers please remember we have sim, post and now character spotlight to shout out to everyone how awesome you guys are. It also doesn’t take long to get them approved either.

If you need assistance please contact me.

Final Thoughts…

I do not really have any final thoughts this month still other than reminding everyone as the world keeps shifting and changing if you can be anything in this world be kind.