24 Hours To Go – Obsidian Day

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It is not often that communities can claim to be 20 years old and continuously running despite the last years attempt to grind us all down and stop the momentum that we have been creating. Tomorrow is going to be our time to reflect and remember the amazing things this community has achieved on both a fleet and a simm level over the last 20 years as well as surviving a pandemic.

And I for one can’t wait to celebrate this milestone of continuous simming and writing but to also thank the people who have come before who have gotten the fleet to 20 years.

This event will be held next tomorrow Saturday 24th July 2021 from 18:00 BST.

Cannot wait to see everyone there.

18:00Opening CeremonyJoint Fleet Command
18:15Play by voice: Simming with the
Star Trek Adventures system” **
Carter – USS Eagle/ USS Potemkin
19:00Reading Posts with the Writer in MindNikki
20:00QuizLalor – TFXO 47
21:00Lore UpdateCam – Fleet council 
22:00Obsidian Day AwardsEhestri – JFC
22:30The Centre Seat and How to Get ThereLancaster / Minawara – Fleet Council
23:00Q&A Fleet CouncilFleet Council
23:30Closing Ceremony and Final AnnouncementsJoint Fleet Command

** Voice panel