Character Spotlight – Adrianna Darney

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Adrianna Darney

Lieutenant Commander Adrianna Darney

The kind of officer that is the dependable backbone of Starfleet, Doctor Darney is a professional who stays focused under pressure. Somewhat of an introvert, Doc Darney might be accused of needing to live a little and get out of the Medical Labs sometimes. In spite of a shy streak, she’s a balanced personality no matter how difficult or convoluted the situation that surrounds her. A skeptic at heart, she’s keen on following out the facts wherever they lead and not getting too bogged down with the past or being lost in the weeds of a situation.

Besides being a highly reliable and able officer in every plot, she also features occasional narrative references to her own past and connections. Doc Darney’s character evinces more beneath the surface, teasing us with story possibilities.

On the Case:
Bowing to Medical Opinion: