Joint Fleet Command Report – Q2

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What have we been doing?

  • Everyone had a holiday
  • Obsidian Day happened
  • Got some structure back to the task forces to provide the best support for every one in the three TFCO’s. Who also have extra duties now – Lalor is now responsible for fleet level advertisements, Hawkins now does the monthly unit of merit images and Minawara now has tech responsibilities.
  • Cam is now Lore and Story telling director.
  • Pinned themselves down and sorted out the processes for Academy and OMA.

The JFC’s door is always open if you have questions, concerns, or just want a friendly chat. We’d love to hear from you.


JFC Recognition Award

**Phoenix Award**

USS Mercutio

This year has been tough for the crew of Mercutio but this is so well deserved after literally rising from the ashes of wanting to close the ship to coming back strong with moving to a live writing / nova format. 

**JFC Recognition Award**

Lalor – For all the work she has been putting in behind scenes for stuff that we are going to be announcing later on. She is the first person to sign up for anything and unfortunately, due to us changing obsidian day as only Dulac was going to be here she was unable to do the offered quiz. But I am sure if you ask nicely she might do it another night.

Minawara– Being a solid ass presence in the fleet with all the changes that have happened recently. You hardly get recognised so we really needed to change that.  

Well done to everyone

Obsidian Day Announcements

First, you might have seen that bagheera is no longer yellow on discord. He claims he did notice but I am not convinced he did (he knew it was coming at his request) but it makes the point that OMA – formally known as JAG does not need a full-time person. When the fleet moved from JAG to OMA it was always with the hope that it would one day not need someone as people would find other ways to deal with drama llaming and that day has come…. Yay.

Whilst the person is not there the process is still the same if it is ever needed depending on the need it will be three FC members to look it all over and mediate or arbitrate. They will be decided by a generator and the another three acting as an appeal panel if needed.

You might also have noticed that there has been very little mention of the academy and that is because we have scrapped it for the most part. Moving forward a lot of the process as always hoped will be done with a conversation with TFCO as it should be. Why fill out forms and classes when actions and running your ship will do it? But do not panic, the TFCO’s led by Lalor has been working on a handy guide that should be active in the next month or so that will offer everything in one place like how to use handy word count mods or how to do reports. Streamlining things is very much important to the fleet council and we will get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose or just add red tape.

Discord has allowed the fleet to change. Why use email back and forth when a conversation that would have taken a week can happen in twenty minutes?

And the final announcement that we made on the night is that the in-character commodore rank promotion process or the advanced simming management course is now active.

As you might have remembered we announced it but never really got much further. We did want to get it out sooner but the lack of TFCOs meant it had been on hold for a lot longer than we wanted as we wanted to get it right the first time or as close to that as possible without testers. It’s been approved so if you feel like you are ready and reach the requirements for it reach out to Minawara as it is the only main trek universe applicable at the moment as TF29 runs differently in regards to rank.

Any questions feels free to grab one of us