2022 End Of Year Nominations – Characters

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As promised to share the nominations before they go to vote here they are. How amazing are they all?

Asst Game Master and Game Master still to come.

Thral Skrit – USS Athena         

  • Skrit is an absolute joy to read.  The cockney personality that Hawkins has given him seeps through every line and even though sometimes it’s a struggle to understand what he’s saying, you can’t help but chuckle throughout every post.  His wit, background and perfectly written slang keep me coming back for more and I look forward to every post that comes along with that characters name in it.
  • Once of the most unique characters I have had the pleasure of reading and engaging with. Not only is he an Andorian cockney, but he lost his entire crew in an accident and now starting to make new friends and enemies on board. Every line written is a joy to read and he deserves this award.

Kateyo Fenn – USS Athena          

  • Kateyo Fenn is one of my favorite characters.  He’s a nuisance, a total troublemaker, always distracted and an absolute pleasure to read. Its refreshing to see a character thats so different from the standard starfleet type personality and to see all of the chaos and fun that he brings to the table.  Kieran has done such an amazing job at making Teyo one of the most entertaining and humorous characters on our ship.
  • In the time since I joined the simm, I have learned that if you want a job done, you don’t ask Teyo to do it. In fact, you try very hard to ensure that Teyo doesn’t realise the job needs doing and hope that his capacity for creating his own mischief keeps him occupied and out of the way. A somewhat irreverent, supremely confident, bold and brassy Trill that everyone loves to pick on, it is the little glimmers of a soft heart that intrigue me the most. I look forward to dodging the catastrophes he creates long enough to see that side of him develop further.

P’Rel – USS Athena         

  • The character is quite a joy to watch development of and the author behind the character is an amazing writer and I personally love writing with him. Interaction between this character and my own are bordering on hilarious sometimes even if the subject is very serious.

Miraj Derani – USS Elysium           

  • There is so much good to say about this character.  I’ll try to be brief.  There is a series of posts “No Grave But the Stars Parts 1-6” (so far) that are creative, descriptive, well written, exciting and engaging.  And the character does this in every post she is in.  The quality is quite high and so is the enjoyment.  She is a lot of fun to have around.  The kind of person you want around when marooned on Seti Alpha VI  – or on Rura Penthe.  Or in line at the DMV.

Manishie/Nish Karalo – NX05 Atlantis     

  • It takes a special kind of writer to jump at the chance to write two versions of the same character. It takes an even better writer to rise to the challenge and created interconnected but sufficiently independent interpretations that do both versions justice. I have enjoyed working with John on bringing this idea to life and can’t wait to see what he does with this pair in the future. Given the caliber of his portrayal, I’m sure it will be something worth reading.

Finnley Keating – USS Athena              

  • Finn has been through a hell of a ride this year, in-character. From fighting off her own fears in ‘Nightmare space’ right through to being tortured by rogue Cardassian agents, Finn has been developed in such a complex, real way. It’s testament to Dot that writing her she manages to show just how tough things have been for Finn, yet she keeps pressing forward and using those complex experiences to build more connections with the crew. And this stuff is ongoing! I’m so impressed by how Dot has paved Finn’s storyline so far, and am lucky to get to play a part in her character’s journey – wherever that leads!”
  • This writer makes the Athena an extremely enjoyable place to be around. She heavily contributes to every story and you never know which direction her tags will take, seriously keeps me on my toes. Finn is a great character who has been to hell and back and through the brilliant writing you feel every bit of pain the character does. This place wouldn’t be the same without her.

Spencer Gustaffson – Solar Force             

  • Spencer as a character is not only extremely unique, the sheer amount of research that has gone in to make him the perfect blue ranger is amazing. It’s been very refreshing to write with someone who has such a strong handle on lore and how to ranger without being overwhelming and making it impossible to write with. Spencer is going to do wonderful things in 2023 after an amazing 2022 where he really needs to be recognised for writing a truly unique character that sets the bar.

Savin – USS Athena         

  • Diversity has perhaps never been as relevant a topic as it is today. I am so proud to write alongside someone who regularly makes me consider diversity in the world around me IRL, and when writing gives me frequent pause to consider how my character will interact with hers and in turn how I might behave IRL. Savin is deaf, and is written by a tremendously talented writer; she rides a careful balance between awareness of Savin’s disability yet never permits it to define him. I frequently write speech, and then am taken back to consider how Savin will interpret this. She uses an array of skills to make fellow writers stop and think for a moment, and truly what could be more impactful for a writer than to give readers pause to consider their real world interactions.

Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium        

  • Commodore Lalor has been and continues to be the driving force of the USS Elysium. Her character is a strong-willed woman but who is fair in her dealings with the crew and truly sees them as extended family. She has recently married her long-time love and given birth to twins. All while continuing to divide time between her family along with providing the leadership the crew needs. She doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t pretend to have them. However, she always gives her best. A most remarkable character and deserving of this award.

Curtis Vaan – SS Mary Rose         

  • Curtis is a perfect example of taking a stereotype, flipping it on its head and then having the character live out the ramifications of not fitting the mold correctly. As much as Curtis can be seen as comic relief, there are nuances to his portrayal that dip into the loneliness and frustration of isolation and the desire to belong despite not wanting to bow to other people’s expectations. He is exceedingly fun to write with and even more fun to torment. Some of the best dialogue in the Fleet.

Beya – SS Mary Rose

  • Written in a very thoughtful and knowledgeable way, Beya manages to be both indicative of her species whilst not being bound to storytelling that only accentuates the stereotypes. Her attempts to better herself, her desire to learn and grow, whilst still having a healthy attitude towards frivolity and mischief, provide multiple ways to interact with her and she has proven to be a great character for embracing adventure. It is the hallmark of a solid portrayal when a character is distinct enough to be recognisable in all renditions, whilst still delivering ongoing growth and development. I look forward to seeing what she gets up to in the next year!

Reuben Gregnol – SS Mary Rose

  • It was virtually impossible to narrow down which of Becca’s characters to put forward, so many are worthy, but my nomination goes to her portrayal of Gregnol for the simple fact that she has fashioned two iterations of the man that are both recognisably him whilst being utterly different at the same time. I have especially enjoyed interacting with his Mirror Universe counterpart, he is emerging as a complex and intricate antagonist with sympathetic motivations and I see a lot of scope for the storytelling that will come from his development. Meanwhile, back in the regular universe, Gregnol apparently has the patience of a saint or the awareness of a cabbage. Either way, he is stoic and long-suffering and probably hasn’t jettisoned anyone important into space this week.