Weekly Spotlight – NX-05 Atlantis Part 2

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In the midst of a mission that is ostensibly shore leave with a twist, this patiently crafted opportunity to dig into a wider character arc was a lovely surprise. Avira’s health issues are still masterfully vague, with reference only thrown in when it feels purposeful to bring it up again, so it is always a treat to have some hint of advancement to that personal character development. Darru is a fantastic choice of confidant, as the pair represent most of the non-human complement and bring unique perspectives to life on board.

With You Through It All

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2023 @ 4:05pm by Lieutenant Darru & Lieutenant JG Avira zh’Kenarh M.D.

Mission: Sojurn
Location: Relea
Timeline: Day 334 10:00
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The Vulcan was not one to complain but the fact he had spent the last twenty-four hours cold was something that he could possibly ignore how illogical it was to do. The ship was designed for humans so it was slightly colder apart from his quarters but Relea was just cold. It was seeing through everything and gathering in his bones despite the hat and gloves he had on over the big jacket that he had.

“You want to speak to me, Lieutenant?” He asked as he weaved through the crowds outside the dock that the ship was temporarily connected to.

It was still weird for Avira to have a Vulcan address her by rank but other than an involuntary twitch in her antennae she didn’t remark upon it. “Yes. I wanted to talk to you regarding a personal matter.” She started to walk towards the transportation system in the station itself. The medical facilities were somewhere tucked away in a very well sheltered area of the docks. It made sense from a tactical perspective. If the docks were ever under attack the people in the medical bay had to be safe. “Do you still recall when I asked you to run that genetic scan for me?”

The Vulcan raised an eyebrow at her question as she hastily set a destination without telling him anymore. “I do not forget,” he answered simply. It was not rude just stating facts but it did make him wonder where this was leading to with the subterfuge that seemed to be around it. It was an Andorian approach, to say the least, he had guessed it was going to be something around the scans when it was the only thing they had really ever discussed of any consequence.

“I need someone with a genetic background to explain it to the doctors here.” Avira wasn’t really the kind of person that would ask for help with personal issues, but this was one of those things that she was out of her depth with. When he had come to her with the results it had been too much to comprehend. Even on the future ship she hadn’t been able to come to a ‘cure’. But these aliens seemed far advanced. Perhaps their knowledge of such things was enough to help her.

Darru inclined his head as in agreement to what she was wanting. It would be simple enough to explain once he fully understood where they were going. “What exactly would you like me to explain to them?” He asked getting into step with her.

“The fault in my genes you’ve discovered. Everything we know about the condition. I hope they can help us.” Avira really didn’t want to go through the painful and humiliating ordeal of the disease’s progression, and she didn’t have the expertise needed to come up with a solution or cure herself. She was a combat medic, a surgeon. One couldn’t cut and suture genes.

“I see Lieutenant.” He had expected her to want him to proceed with caution but it seemed that she wanted to give over everything that he knew and more. “Have you approached anyone else around this?” He finally decided to venture as he stepped back to allow her into the lift.

“The Captain is aware of the situation, but other than that I’ve not confided in anyone since it would’ve been pointless to bring it up. Other than yourself and me there’s nobody onboard with the required skill set to resolve it.” Avira felt the lift slow down and the doors opened not long after. “It’s right this way.” She motioned with her hand as she made her way over towards the medical bay.

“I believe that the humans would not find it pointless.” The Vulcan explained simply as he followed feeling some type of relief that it was getting warmer the further they went into the building. “How did you discover this place?” He was full of questions it felt but he felt like he did not fully understand the situation fully despite being in the know of her genetic issues.

“Well, the humans are a lot of things, but I’ve found that they have difficulties compartmentalising sometimes. It’s not a distraction we can use seeing the situation that we’re in.” Avira retorted before coming to a stop in front of the medical bay that they had been heading towards. “I asked a passer by. They are very hospitable and friendly around here. Almost naively so.” There was of course the clear indication around the entire place and the vessel that had towed them, that they were more than capable of defending themselves should someone choose to take advantage of their hospitality. Something the Andorian doctor didn’t plan on finding out personally.

He had to concede that she did have a huge point about the humans and their total lack of understanding of emotions and how outbursts did not help situations. “I do not believe they are as naive at all. You do not get this advance by being that.” He said glancing at the medical bay and stepped inside taking in the bright white entrance lobby.

“Nuance in linguistics, my pointy eared friend.” Avira looked around to try and find someone that looked like they might be able to help them. A uniformed nurse approached them when they entered. It seemed to be relatively calm in the medical facilities, perhaps they didn’t have too many planned procedures and the festivities were plodding along relatively calmly. “Excuse me, is there a doctor I can talk to?”

The Raelian nurse gave a small bow and then formed a smile, something that had taken a little used to in order to recognise as such. “Of course, honoured guests, please follow me.” The alien motioned for them to follow along and headed into a more private area of the bay, drawing a curtain around them which as it closed seemingly dampened the sounds from outside the thin fabric much more than it ought to.

Avira looked back at Darru, her antennae nervously bobbing back and forth. “It’s weird how much tech they have woven into even the most mundane stuff.” She reached out to touch the makeshift barrier but felt nothing other than what one would expect from curtains.

Darru was not at all sure he liked being called pointy eared friend even if he was her and friend was used. It felt like a somewhat odd mix of wording but he let it go as he stood awkwardly just beside the curtain waiting for the nurse to come back. “It feels like it to us but it is likely been like that for generations.” He admitted. “It would be nice to have something like that for my quarters.” He did have bad neighbours but sometimes it was like living next door to a building site.

More often than not Avira had resided in the Medical bay and rested on one of the available beds. A practice that was now discouraged due to the fact that Doctor Hughes had stepped in and covered the night shifts. Her own quarters could use a personal touch, though she wasn’t sure if soundproof curtains was something she’d go for. She’d be too afraid to miss an emergency unfolding right outside her doors. “Do you think they’ll be long?”

“I cannot imagine they will be long Doctor. We have likely thrown them by turning up.” Darru commented thinking that it had to be unusual enough that off worlders turn up let along completely unknown species. The Vulcan was in no doubt that they were local celebrities by the looks from his walks earlier.

Avira pulled herself up on the bed and anxiously twitched her foot as it couldn’t quite reach the ground from her new position. “What if they’re not interested in helping us? What if something else is going on?” She was getting all kinds of weird thoughts that were telling her this was a tremendously bad idea.

As if her words had summoned a Realian one of them appeared quietly and announced themselves by pulling the curtain to the side. “Good afternoon. My nurses have told me you need assistance?” The male sounding voice asked.

“Yes. Good afternoon. Hi.” Avira’s antennae stood up straight and then started to curl inward as she looked for the words to explain. “I have a genetic defect.” She then pointed at Darru before realising that it didn’t explain anything. “I got it from my father. It’s a degenerative disease. I was wondering if you could fix me. My colleague is a geneticist.”

The Realian looked from the Andorian to the Vulcan. “I would love to be able to assist but we do not have anyone of any skill here until after the ice festival.” The Realian explained intrigued by the prospect of being able to delve into the genetics of an unknown species. It was the dream of everyone in his profession.

“But you might be able to?” Darru wondered.

“I would love to attempt to look and to try,” He assured quickly. But timing and skill were everything when it came to that kind of request.

“How long does this festival go on for?” Avira wasn’t in so much of a rush that she couldn’t patiently wait for the festival to be over. It wasn’t like they were going to be leaving there in a hurry anyway. “Perhaps we can make a start and gather the relevant information for more specialised colleagues.” The antennae on her head gently swayed back and forth. It was too much to expect them to just give her a quick once over and immediately fix everything.

“Ten days.” The man said kindly. “I can start scans if you have time?” These had to be the strange off worlders that had been causing waves by accident it seemed as the pair there were absolutely quiet as the ice.

“We have time.” Darru said quickly before Avira could argue or say anything. He had all the time in the universe to help his friend and colleague.

While Avira would’ve preferred a more direct resolution and perhaps wait for a more specialised person to take the scan they had come here to make some progress on the matter and she assumed this person could make appropriate scans and expedite the process after everyone returned from their festival. “We do.”

Darru nodded. There was no time like the present to do all the things that would pay off in the future. “I will wait in the reception area.” He said quietly

Avira hesitated a moment off of that, not wanting to have to ask a Vulcan to stand by her and hold her hand, but also not wanting to be alone. “Ready.” She looked at the alien doctor who seemed to be setting up everything he needed to get the scans going. “This is not invasive, is it? Just scans and bloodwork?” She checked to make sure.

Darru glanced back and waited for the Releaian to confirm that it was not invasive before he quietly went out through the silence field to give the woman some privacy.